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This is a documentation subpage for Modèle:ClickToEnlarge.
It contains usage information, categories and other content that is not part of the original modèle page.

The purpose is to provide an equivalent of the classic Thumbnail generated by the [[|thumn]] mediawiki syntax, but providing a way to go directly to the enlarged version of the picture without landing in the File page (with the versions, and all non-relevant element for the targeted purpose : get a wider picture)

|File=picture filename - mandatory
|Link=link to the enlarged picture - mandatory
|Size=size with the "px" suffix - optional, default value is 180px
|Align=left or center'' or right

About alignement:

  • left provide a floating-left picture, following text will start on its immediate right. If you don't want the "floating" feature, just ignore this parameter. The picture will be aligned left, in block mode.
  • right provide a floating-right picture, following text will start on its immediate left. If you don't want the "floating" feature, add a
    template just after this template.
  • center provide a block mode centered picture. No floating effect.


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