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Mega events are major events that occur in a city or even larger area that will likely impact traffic. These events may be planned (Tour de France, Boston Marathon, etc.) or unplanned (hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, etc.). Road closures can be entered into the Waze servers to prevent routing through an area that is temporarily closed for the event.


There are four methods to control traffic flow:

  1. Mega Events (this article)
  2. Temporary Road Closures
  3. Scheduled restrictions
  4. Disconnect road segments

See the full article on Real time closures for more information. This article covers Mega Events.

Waze is designed to automatically route traffic through the best possible route. It works dynamically using the feedback of Wazer's client applications showing traffic flow. When a planned event affects the flow of traffic by closing certain roads, Waze can better route traffic through that area if it is told what roads or turns are temporarily unavailable. In situations where the event is unexpected, a mega event can be set up to provide real-time detour information to the Waze server feeding it to the Waze client application.

Public web page


A public web page for Waze Mega World Traffic Events was set up to track all known future, current, and some of the prior events.

Event page

TdF main.png

From the main page you can select a particular event to see the details of that event. It will include the name, dates, description, planned road closures, overview map, and other related information.

Client notifications


The event will send notifications to Waze users that may be affected by the event.

Creating a new event

When an editor hears about a new event in their area, they can fill out this form with as much information as they have available on the event to get the process started. In the future there are plans to provide a direct interface for authorized editors to make changes directly to the event.