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The Area type of Place is rendered as a polygon. Just like a segment, you can adjust the shape by using the geometry handles. All Area Places in the editor show in pink when not selected and blue-green when selected:{{clear}}
[[Image:Wme gas station area.png]][[Image:Wme gas station area_selected.png]]
'''Location Details'''
* The Area type has a target which is the navigation endpoint.
===Setting the navigation point for a Place===
====Point placement====
[[Image:Wme point on parkinglot segment.png|right]] The Point Area is to be placed on or nearest to the segment to which the driver should be navigated. Here is an example of a gas station Point located directly on a parking lot segment.
====Area placement====
Here is an example of an Area (a large park in this case) which has an entry road on the east side. The second image is zoomed in on the target to show how this type of Area should have it's navigation target set.
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