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Area Place: Some simplification in area place Lede
== Area Place ==
The Area type of Place is rendered as a polygon. Just like a segment, you can Use the geometry points to adjust the shape by using the geometry handles. All Area Places in the editor show in are pink when not selected and , blue-green when selected:, and a reddish color when they have unsaved changes.
[[File:Wme gas station area.png]][[File:Wme gas station area selected.png]] {{clear}}
'''Area Location Details'''
*The Area type has navigation stop point appears as a target which is in the navigation stop pointeditor.*The target stop point can be moved anywhere within the shape and also a short distance outside the actual Area shapepolygon.*The stop point target should be placed on or nearest to near the segment to which where the driver Wazer should be navigatedstop.
=== Area Place size ===
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