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[[File:wme_place_changed.png]] Changed Point marker {{clear}}
[[File:wme_place_pending_update.png]] Point Place with pending update{{clear}}
[[File:wme_place_private.png]] Private Place{{clear}}
'''Point Location Details'''
=== Area Place size ===
{{/Area places will show up in the Waze mobile apps if they are large enough. Recent testing shows that area places which are at least 50 meters in one dimension and at least 10 meters in the other will show up. Tests are still being run to find out the minimum place size. Some area places, such as the Pentagon building in Arlington, Virginia, have a single recognizable structure useful as a visual reference for Wazers. These can be drawn to approximate the structure's footprint or outline, as long as this is large enough to show in the mobile application. Other area places, like University campuses and large shopping malls include more than one component, such as one or more buildings, open areas, roads, and parking. In this case, it is often most useful to Wazers to map to the edges of the property. This will usually show the area and its label in the mobile app even when zoomed out. Gas Stations and Parking Lots should be mapped to the edges of the property (or at least to the drivable area); gas station or parking lot must be the first category in the category list. This tells Waze not to report automated map problems when Wazers travel off-road in these areas. See [[Places/Parking lot]] and [[Places/Gas Station]] for more detail on these Area Places.}}
=== Area Places overlap ===
== Client rendering of Places ==
Most area Places will show in the [[Client device|Waze app]] and [[Live map]] as a shaded area. Extremely small area Places will not appear at all, even at maximum zoom.
Point Places are not shown in the [[Live map]], or [[Client device|Waze app]], but are searchable within the app. By default, a Waze Place search result should supersede others, even in the autofill list.
== Setting the stop point for a Place ==
=== General tab ===
The General tab for a Place is where you complete all of the basic information: categories, name, description, gas brand, residential/public, hours of operation, country, state, city, street and house number.
Places considered fundamental to the functioning of the Waze app, such as [[Places/Gas Station|Gas Stations]], should be locked ''at least to Level 2'' to prevent loss of data due to automatic acceptance of submissions from Trusted Users. Other complex, intricate, or crucial Places such as Police Stations, Fire Departments, Airports, Parks, et cetera should also be considered for locking to prevent loss of data.
'''{{Red|BEWARE:}}''' Do not use the Description field for notes to other editors. This field is visible in the Waze app, and should only contain details pertinent to the Place itself.
Here is an example of a [[Places/Gas Station |Gas Station]] Area with its details completed: {{clear}}
[[File:wme_place_gas_station_details.png|border|center|Place Details]] {{clear}}
=== More Info tab ===
In the More Info tab is additional helpful information for the Place. Here you will add phone number, website, and additional services, and hours of operation: {{clear}}[[File:wme_place_moreinfo_tab.png|border|center|Place More Info]]
[[File:wme_place_moreinfo_tab.png|border|center|Place More Info]]
==== Services ====
'''Deliveries''' ''At this time this service is unclear. It could mean that the place either accepts deliveries, e.g. from UPS or FedEx, or makes [ deliveries] of food or products to the customer, within a certain range.''
==== Opening hours ====
The Opening hours section allows editor to add or delete the hours of operation for Places, including unique times for each day of the week. The hours submitted in the editor may not overlap, or a save error will occur.
[[File:wme_opening_hours.png|border|center|Opening Hours]]
=== Photos tab ===
Any improper or inappropriate photos should be removed. Hover the mouse over a picture in the Place Photos tab, and click the X which appears at the top right of the photo.
== Place Updates (Moderation) ==
====What is a trusted user?====
Once some contributions by the same user have been reviewed positively by a moderator, we consider that user trusted. He They can now add new places directly without any moderation. Updates to existing places are still pending a review if these places are locked.
====What kind of places should we approve?====
Inappropriate pictures or pictures which are not related to the place should be rejected.
Please remember - rejecting both places and photos will prevent the reporting user from getting points and might even get him them blocked.
====Can I partially reject an update?====
====Can a user become blocked from adding new places? ====
Every user (trusted or not) can become blacklisted and banned from adding places once they have tried adding a certain amount of places or updates which have been rejected. We also track places that have been flagged and removed - if we see a pattern where a certain user created many of these, he they might be blacklisted.
====Who gets the points for the new places created after an approval?====
| Bridge
| Area
| Use only to represent a named road bridge with local or navigational significance. This should be an official/locally-used name, preferably signed at each approach. Do not use for unnamed bridges signed only for the feature they cross. Bridge areas are normally not used if road segments crossing a bridge use the bridge's name. Non-road bridges (e.g. railroad, pedestrian, aqueduct) are normally not mapped.
| Transportation
| Fire Department
| Area
| '''ONLY''' Fire Stations providing '''first response to nearby emergencies''' should use this category. All others should use a different category, such as Office. Administrative, training, and support facilities are not emergency locations.
| Professional and public
| Supermarket / Grocery
| Point
| Standalone could be an Area, but a Point if it is part of larger shopping mall/center.
| Shopping and services
| Natural features
| Sea / Lake / PondPool
| Area
| Use only if water itself is visually obvious to drivers on nearby roads. Do not remap features already present in the built-in Waze water layer unless that layer is incomplete or inaccurate. Map only the typical extent of visible water, not adjacent beaches or land. If the feature is too small to map conveniently with an Area Place, it should not be mapped at all.
| Natural features
| Canal
| Area
| Natural features
| Swamp / Marsh
| Area
| Natural features
| Dam
| Area
The '''Parking Lot''' Place marks a well-defined area constructed for off-street public parking, including parking structures and garages as well as at-grade lots. There are many elements that must be considered before deciding to map a parking lot. The details are covered in [[Places/Parking lot]].
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