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Real time closures

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There are several mechanisms to prevent Waze from routing traffic over specific roads. The method used depends on the reason traffic flow needs to be prevented. Here is a brief overview of the various mechanisms available for controlling traffic flow on specific roads. For specific details on any of these mechanisms, please see the corresponding wiki pages linked below.
* [[File:Closure arrow in WME.png|right]][[File:Closure_report_button_in_client.png|right|60px]]'''{{#ifeq:{{SUBPAGENAME}}|Real time closures|[[#Real time closures|Real time closures]] (this page)|[[Real time closures]]}} —''' Should be used when a road is temporarily unusable, but does not need modification (including turn restrictions). These display in the client and Livemap with alerts and candy stripes on the segments to notify users of the closures in real-time (no wait for tile updates), and prevents prevent routing during the closure time on these segments. '''Due to its' safety (protecting the map), and its visibility (in the client and Livemap), this is the preferred method of closing a road.''' <br />Real-Time Closures can be submitted in a variety of methods , discussed in detail further on this page:** Add a [[#Closure WME closure feature in the waze map editor|closure in WME]]
** Submit a [[#Major traffic events|Major Traffic Event]]
** Enter a closure using a [[#Closure sheets|regional closure sheet]]
** [[#Report closure feature in the waze Waze app|Report a closure in the client]] as you drive by them.
* [[File:Restriction_arrow_yellow_mouseover.gif|right]]'''[[Partial restrictions]] (AKA Scheduled or Time-Based Restrictions)''' - Used when turns or roadways are restricted at certain times of day, days of the week, vehicle types, etc. These have the ability to only restrict during a specific date range, but should NOT be used in place of Mega Traffic Events or Real-Time Road Closures.
* '''[[Road types and names|Road types]] —''' Certain road types (Private, Parking Lot Road, Dirt Road/4X4 Trail) will automatically prevent routing and should be used when appropriate for permanent situationsituations.
* '''Disconnect road segments — ''Road segments should only be physically disconnected if the road is no longer intended to connect or is being permanently removed.''''' When a road is disconnected it becomes ''absolutely unroutable'', and all stored speed data for the junctions are lost. This should be done with the support of a senior editor. In the past, this method was used for longer term construction projects, but now the Road Closure feature should be used.
== Real time closures ==
*[[#Report a closure in the waze client app|Report a Closure in the Waze client app]]
*[[#Major traffic events|Major Traffic Events (MTEs)]]
*[[#Temporary closures in wmeWME_closure_feature|Temporary Closures in WME]]
*[[#Closure sheets|Closure Sheets]]
As mentioned above, if the closure is part of an event which will be impacting a large number of people in your area (i.e. - major highway closed, city-wide marathon, natural disaster) please be sure to [[#Major traffic events|submit the MTE form]] first.
=== Connected Citizens Program ===
Through the [[Connected Citizens Program]] Waze shares and received information from [[Connected Citizens Program#Who can Join|select entities]] which partner with Waze. This information can include Road Closures which are submitted to WME directly by Waze staff. To ease the burden of teaching and submitting closures, Wazers are encouraged to [[Connected Citizens Program#How to Join|promote these relationships with their local governing entities]].
Whenever entering a '''time''', it should be using the 24 hour clock, in the format of '''HH:MM:SS'''. ''The HH is the two digit hour, MM is the two digit minute, and SS is the two digit seconds. The seconds may be optional depending on the feature you are using. (For example 2:53 pm will be entered as 14:53.)''
In the 24 hour clock, the first 12 hours of the day from midnight until 11:59 am, are represented as 00:00 - 11:59. The second twelve hours of the day from noon until 11:59 pm, are represented as 12:00 - 23:59. ''To make it easy to remember, any time in the AM hours, is just the same (with a leading zero for the first nine single digit hours). Any time in the PM hours, add 12 to the hour (so 2 pm becomes 14 - by doing the following: 2+12=14).
The minute of midnight can be represented both as 00:00, and as 24:00 depending on if it is connected to the previous day (24:00), or the new day just beginning (00:00). ''For example Monday 24:00 is the same minute as Tuesday 00:00.'' To prevent confusion you should avoid using 00:00, or 24:00 as a closure time, instead use 23:59, or 00:01.
{{red|'''NOTE:'''}} Temporary Closures must not be longer than 6 calendar months (183 days to be precise).
To enter a Temporary Closure longer than 6 months, split it into multiple Temporary Closures. Each Temporary Closure entered should be less than 6 months. E.g. A one year Temporary Closure from 20112014-12-01 through 2015-11-30 can be entered as two individual Temporary Closures.
# 2014-12-01 - 2015-05-31 (182 days)
# 2015-06-01 - 2015-11-30 (183 days)
====== Maximum closure duration ======
The maximum length for a Real-Time-Closure is one year.
The end date for a closure can not be set for more than one year from the current date. Even if the closure is less than 6 months long, it must end before a years from the current date. Otherwise you will get an error from the server. "'''{{red|(!) end time is too far in the future for road closure -103}}'''"
{{anchor|Report closure feature in the waze app}}
=== Report closure feature in the Waze app ===
==== App reported closures in WME ==== Any closures reported from the Waze app are visible, and can be manipulated in the Waze Map Editor. Waze app reported closures {{u|do not}} have an effect on routing until enough users report the same segment closed. However if an editor sees it in WME and edits it, the RTCs then take effect immediately. ''For all the details on the display and handling of app-reported closures in WME please see the [[#Understanding closures with an end date circa 1970|section below that explains the WME aspect of these closures]].'' {{anchor|Major_traffic_events}}=== Major traffic events Traffic Events (MTEs) ===
If a road closure is part of a larger event, it can be submitted to Waze as a Major Traffic event, or Event (MTE). MTEs are generally determined by the scale of the event and how many people will be impacted. The closures should be submitted using the MTE sheets providedor the WME Closure tool (available to editors rank 4 and above in most communities). This way Waze is able to track the closures and help spread the word. Only if  To receive further support from Waze decides not to support (website and/or push + inbox message) for an MTE closure, the event, or if you don't have at least one weeks advance notice should you submit these closures must be submitted through other methodsthe MTE submission form below.
To notify Waze of a coming event in your area, use the [ MTE Submission Form].
==== Support for major traffic events Major Traffic Events ==== Once the submitted event is reviewed, the submitter receives an MTE closure sheet and further instruction on how to provide all of the information needed to properly close the affected roads.  Once the closure sheet is fully completed, the closure will be live in the app.  Waze further supports some MTEs by providing local push notifications, inbox messages, social media announcements and/or website features on the [ Major Events page] on  MTEs are likely to be announced on the Major Events website and/or via inbox + push message if the event effects a significant portion of the local population. For your event to be considered for inclusion in the following weeks push/inbox messaging, all closure information must be received by Wednesday prior.
If your event A closure may not appear in the app if Waze is going unable to receive further support as an MTEobtain the proper information, either through user-completed closure sheets or if more information is needed, Waze will other resources cannot be in touch after the form is submitted. Waze further supports some events by providing local push notifications, inbox messages, social media announcements and/or website features on the [ Major Events page] on Waze.comfound.
If Waze notifies you that your submitted Major Traffic Event will not be supported, or if you have less than one week advance notice of the closure, you should submit the closure through one of the other [[#Real time closures{{anchor|Real-Time Closure methods]].feature in the waze map editor}}
=== WME closure feature ===
==== Closure feature permissions ====
This feature is restricted to rank 5 3 editors and above, unless otherwise decided by the local community. Global champs also have the ability to allow users of varioius various levels aceess access to the feaurefeature. If you would like to request access, contact a member of the community in the [ Waze Community Forums].  Alternatively, If you do not have the required rank to access the Closure feature in WME, you can ask a higher ranking editor to implement the closures for you. Your country may have a streamlined monitored process for this, or it can be submitted like any other unlock/update request. You can also ask a higher editor directly in a [[PM]], or [[WME Chat]]. ''In the USA the [ Road Closures Form (USA)] is used for example.''
Alternatively, If you do not have the required rank to access the Closure feature in WME, you can ask a higher ranking editor to implement the closures for you. Your country may have a streamlined monitored process for this, or it can be submitted like any other unlock/update request. You can also ask a higher ranked editor directly in a [[PM]], or [[WME Chat]]. ''In the USA the [ Road Closures Form (USA)] is used for example.''
==== Step by step instructions to add a closure ====
If you need to edit the segment, you will have to first remove the Temporary Closure ''(copy the details first)'', then modify the segment and save. Depending on the type of edit you can either replace now, otherwise you will need to wait for a tile update before being able to add a new Temporary Closure. Add a new Temporary Closure with the details you copied to the appropriate segments.
===== Understanding closures with an end date circa 1970 =====
Note: {{as of|2015|May}} Waze has recently changed the user interface, so you should not see these anymore. You will instead see the closure marked as end date "Not set" (see [[#Closure date NOT SET|next section]]). It is possible that there are some existing closures that use the old format described in this section, or that not all servers have been updated to use the new interface described in the next section.
When a mobile user [[#Report closure feature in the Waze app|submits a Closure Report through the app report menu]], Waze puts it on the map as a closure, similar to a manually-entered closure. Unlike WME-entered reports, the app supports submitting closures without indicating an end date/time. These are recorded with a "null" date time, which in Unix, by convention (as described below), is midnight of 1 January 1970. Because Waze uses the [[UTC]] time zone, this may be ±1 up to 13 hours for you.
In the [ Unix operating systems] a time is encoded as the number of seconds passed since January 1st, 1970. A "null" date will be zero seconds passed and show a date time of 1970-01-01T00:00 UTC. Adjusted for time zones, and you could have a date-time anywhere from 1969-12-31T12:00, to 1970-01-01T12:00, or one hour more when adjusted for Daylight Saving (Summer) Time.
{{Anchor|Closure date NOT SET}}
===== Closures with end date "Not set" =====
You may occasionally see an RTC in WME with end date of "Not set" (or set in 1969-1970 in the older style [[#Understanding closures with an end date circa 1970|described above]]).
*These may not be actively affecting routing in Livemap or the Waze app.
*They may be submitted by any rank user, even if the user is below the rank to have [[#closure feature permissions|RTC permission]].
*There may be more than one of this type of closure overlapping for the same segment and direction.
''These are [[#Report closure feature in the Waze app|Closures reported from within the Waze app]]''.
A Closure reported from the Waze app does not include an end date in it. These closures are therefore reported to WME with no assigned end date.
This explains the anomalies listed above;
* Because they are from the app, they don't immediately affect routing until there are multiple identical reports.
* They can be reported by any rank user.
* There needs to be multiple reports to activate them.
* It is possible to have more than one report on the same segment.
These closures are editable by editors in WME who have permission to use the RTC feature. If you do edit and/or delete one of these app-reported RTCs the effects are seen immediately. If you change the end date, the RTC will start affecting traffic like any regular RTC immediately.
If there are multiple app-reported RTCs on a segment you may have to remove the duplicates before being able to save any changes to one of them, otherwise you may get an error for trying to create an overlapping closure.
=== Closure sheets ===
There are generally two types of Closure Sheets;
* Regional Closure Sheets supplied by Waze staff and shared with the community leadership of some countries.
* Supported Mega Major Traffic Events are also processed using a unique closure sheet for each MTE.
These Closure Sheets have some unique advantages over submitting closures directly in WME, and also have some unique guidelines listed here below. They still also follow all the general guidance for [[#Real time closureclosures|Real-Time Closures]] listed above.
Real-Time Closures which could just as easily be submitted using the Closure feature in the WME, shouldn't be submitted using the Regional Closure Sheets. If there is some feature of submitting them through the Regional Closure Sheet easier somehow, then it is fine to use the Regional Closure Sheets for them. The Regional Closure Sheets may also have some features not yet available in WME, closures utilizing those features should be submitted through the sheets.
===== Closure sheets upload schedule =====
Real-time closures submitted through WME are processed and go live immediately. Closures submitted through a regional sheet are manually uploaded by Waze staff on a daily schedule. This is another benefit of submitting RTCs through WME instead when applicable.
Waze staff receive a alerts of certain changes to the closure sheets three times daily at the following hours:
*05:00 UTC
*13:30 UTC
*17:00 UTC
If there have been no qualifying changes to the sheet, Waze staff do not receive the alert.
Closures submitted to the spreadsheet 5 min after they upload them, will not be seen by Waze staff until the next alert.
The alert is generated when changes are made to the currently active sheet (tab) in the workbook, this is usually the sheet on the left, for regional spreadsheets this is the sheet named for the current month. Changes that trigger the alert are setting the cell in the status column to one of the following:
*'''"Ready for upload"'''
*'''"Canceled event"'''
*'''"Updated Details"'''
For '''urgent closures''' which must be uploaded or changed immediately, ''and can not be submitted through WME'',&nbsp;you can "add a comment" to it in the sheet and write "URGENT", or any other descriptive text so they know to handle immediately.
When you add a comment by right-clicking on a cell in the sheet, Waze staff get a separate alert with the text of the comment after a few minutes.
Closures are not uploaded the minute the alert is received by Waze staff, but they do try. There may be delays, this is a manual process. If something is urgent be sure to add the comment as mentioned above for priority handling.
==== How to submit a closure using a sheet ====
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