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Real time closures

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Closure feature permissions
==== Closure feature permissions ====
This feature is restricted to rank 5 editors and above, unless otherwise decided by the local community. Global champs also have the ability to allow users of varioius various levels aceess access to the feaurefeature. If you would like to request access, contact a member of the community in the [ Waze Community Forums].
Alternatively, If you do not have the required rank to access the Closure feature in WME, you can ask a higher ranking editor to implement the closures for you. Your country may have a streamlined monitored process for this, or it can be submitted like any other unlock/update request. You can also ask a higher editor directly in a [[PM]], or [[WME Chat]]. ''In the USA the [ Road Closures Form (USA)] is used for example.''
==== Step by step instructions to add a closure ====
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