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Real time closures

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WME closure feature guidance: app reported closures displayed in WME.
If you need to edit the segment, you will have to first remove the Temporary Closure ''(copy the details first)'', then modify the segment and save. Depending on the type of edit you can either replace now, otherwise you will need to wait for a tile update before being able to add a new Temporary Closure. Add a new Temporary Closure with the details you copied to the appropriate segments.
===== Understanding closures with an end date circa 1970 =====
You may occasionally see an RTC in WME with an end date set as 1970-01-01 00:00 ±1 day.
*These may not be actively affecting routing in Livemap or the Waze app.
*They may be submitted by any rank user, even if the user is below the rank to have [[#closure feature permissions|RTC permission]].
*There may be more than one of this type of closure overlapping for the same segment and direction.
''These are [[#Report closure feature in the Waze app|Closures reported from within the Waze app]]'''.
A Closure reported from the Waze app does not include an end date in it. These closures are therefore reported to WME with no assigned end date. The end date field is essentially blank - it is "null".
In the [ Unix operating systems] a time is encoded as the number of seconds passed since January 1st, 1970. A "null" date will be zero seconds passed and show a date time of 1970-01-01T00:00 UTC. Adjusted for time zones, and you could have a date-time anywhere from 1969-12-31T12:00, to 1970-01-01T12:00.
This explains the anomalies listed above;
* Because they are from the app, they don't immediately affect routing until there are multiple identical reports.
* They can be reported by any rank user.
* There needs to be multiple reports to activate them.
* It is possible to have than one report on the same segment.
These closures are editable by editors in WME who have permission to use the RTC feature. If you do edit and/or delete one of these app-reported RTCs the effects are seen immediately. If you change the end date, the RTC will start affecting traffic like any regular RTC immediately.
If there are multiple app-reported RTCs on a segment you may have to remove the duplicates before being able to save any changes to one of them, otherwise you may get an error for trying to create an overlapping closure.
=== Closure sheets ===
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