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{{Red|This page is currently under development and being modified based on feedback in the forums. See the [[Talk:Rest_areas|Discussion page]] for more information.}} This article is a US-based set of guidelines. In Waze, '''Rest Area''' is defined as a convenient stopping place located directly off of a highway, which typically provides, at minimum, parking and restroom facilities. Some may have information kiosks, vending machines, picnic areas or "dump" facilities for RVs. A '''Welcome Center''' or '''Visitor Center''' is a special type of rest area, often located near state borders or near major airports. A '''Service Area ''' or '''Service Plaza''' in some states may also include private commercial businesses such as fuel stations, and restaurants. These rest areas are typically found along the East Coast. A rest area or '''Rest Stop''' with limited or no public facility is a '''Parking Area''', '''Scenic Area''', '''Wayside Park''', '''Roadside Park''', or '''Picnic Area''' can cause false traffic reports if not mapped, so include them as a rest area when editing the map. Our recommended guidelines for mapping rest areas is as follows: == Exiting the highway ==[[Image:Alabama_Welcome_1.jpg|right]]'''Road type''' In general follow the standard guidelines for road types leaving the highway as can be seen along the highway nearby the rest area. If the exit from the highway is a one-way road that can be taken at speed, it should be a ramp. If the main entrance is a two-way road, just use a parking lot type. As with all newly created roads, be sure to [[Creating_and_Editing_street_segments#Confirm_the_road_by_updating_details|confirm the roads]] so they appear on the client map. '''Naming''' Follow the guidelines for your area when naming the exits from the highway. In the [[Road_Naming_(USA)#Exit_ramps_and_Entrance_ramps_.28on-ramps.29|US follow these guidelines]]. For example a typical exit ramp would be named "Exit ##: Rest Area" (if numbered), or "Exit to Rest Area" if not numbered. == The main parking area ==REDIRECT [[Image:Alabama_Welcome_3.jpg|right]]'''Road type''' Inside the parking area there should be at least one segment using the parking lot road type that links between the ''exit from'' and ''return to'' the highway. Follow the general guidelines for [[Best_map_editing_practice#Parking_Lots|mapping a parking lot]] meaning only the main roads of the rest area should be mapped.  Using only the parking lot road type will prevent the Waze server from sending cars off and on the highway through the rest area to avoid traffic. '''Naming''' Generally the parking lot roads are not named, but if inside the city limits be sure to include the city name. == Returning to the highway ==[[Image:Alabama_Welcome_4.jpg|right]]'''Road type''' When selecting the road type, generally follow the same guidelines as was done for the exit from the highway unless it is significantly different from the exit and would not make sense to match the exit type. '''Naming''' Also follow the standard convention as was used for the exit. For interstates the typical convention would be "to I-5 N" (to Highway_Name Cardinal) and if a control city is shown on the local signs use "to I-5 N / Sacramento". == Adding a landmark ==[[Image:Alabama_Welcome_2.jpg|right]]The Rest Area should be covered by a landmark, drawn to the borders, and along right-of-way of the adjacent highway, but not snapped to the highway, and should not cross a highway if the rest area is on both sides. A landmark type of "Museum/Visitor Center/Monument" should be used. The landmark should be named as follows, using the highway name and cardinal direction as part of the name for POI search purposes: "I-10 W Rest Area", "Pennsylvania Turnpike E Service Area" if commercial restaurant/fuel is offered, or "Tennessee Welcome Center" for official state welcome centers. If the rest area is given a name by the state D.O.T., it may be used, e.g., [ "Dizzy Dean Rest Area"]. If fuel is offered at the rest area [[Gas_Stations#Add_a_station|add a Gas Station landmarkSegment locks]] over that location in the rest area.
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