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Rest areas

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Setting the stop point
| <big>•</big> || <big>•</big> || || || || || Rest Area (trucks only) - I-23 S mile 76 <!--|| Rest area for trucks only with a restroom, such as a 'Truck Haven'-->
==== Setting the stop point ====
[[File:Rest area stop point.png|300px|thumbnail|right]]
'''The stop point should be placed just before the fist split inside the area (usually at the end of the entrance ramp).'''
This is to ensure proper routing through the individual PLRs in the area to the correct location, the stop point has to be placed in a generic location, which is traversed by all vehicles entering the area. Otherwise in areas which divert certain vehicle types to specific sets of road segments, the stop point would force routing all vehicles through one set of segments (the closest to the stop point).
Routing passed that point can be handled with partial restrictions on the segments set for vehicle type. If the users add the rest stop as a stop along their navigated route to their destination, the navigation will continue past the stop point towards their destination, forcing it to try to find a route back to the highway, thereby giving directions past the stop point only along the unrestricted segments for that vehicle type.
==== Additional places ====
Some Rest Areas, particularly Service Plazas, will house individual businesses in them (e.g. a coffee shop, fast food restaurant, convenience store, information kiosk, etc.). These can be mapped as additional [[Places/#Point Place|Place points ]] with all their unique details, and positioned over the building they reside in.
If fuel is offered, [[Gas_Stations#Add_a_station|add a Gas Station]] using a [[Places/#Area Place|Place Area]] over that location in the service plaza.
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