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* You are currently limited <noinclude>{{Documentation subpage}}</noinclude> This template is used to routing up to about 1000 miles (1609.344 km) distance* When you request display the minimum segment length as a route the client device app assumes you are continuing global variable in the same direction you last traveledWiki. This is often desirable, but can lead template enables this number to be changed if necessary over time without having to unnecessarily longer routes when change the individual pages. ==Usage==Place <code><nowiki>{{</nowiki>:Segment length/Minimum<nowiki>}}</nowiki></code> on any page where you have a choice of direction from your starting position. We need want to display the option to tell Waze we can leave a starting point in any directionfollowing::<code>{{:Segment length/Minimum}}</code> <includeonly><!-- ADD CATEGORIES BELOW THIS LINE -->[[Category:Guideline properties]] <!-- ADD INTERWIKIS BELOW THIS LINE --></includeonly>