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#REDIRECT {{doc subpage}}This template ensures consistent text is used in all Mbox templates telling people to post a message in a particular forum.  === Usage ===Place {{tl|Mbox/Text/PostMessage|{{{contact}}} }} inline where the text of the template is desired. It adds the following text when transcluded: :<code>{{Template:Mbox/Text/PostMessage}}</code> The <code>{{{1}}}</code> will be replaced with the content of the {{para||contact}} parameter from the calling template. === Parameters ===The only parameter that can and must be passed is {{para|| {{{contact}}} }}. It must be a valid URL. === Where used ===Editors can find all occurrences of this template with the link to [[Partial restrictionsSpecial:WhatLinksHere/Mbox/Text/PostMessage|what links here for the Mbox/Text/PostMessage template]]. === Category added to transcluded pages ===None. <includeonly><!-- ADD CATEGORIES BELOW THIS LINE -->[[Category:Template:Mbox]] <!-- ADD INTERWIKIS BELOW THIS LINE --></includeonly>