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:: ''for all other users'' – As of July&nbsp;2010
<!--===TemplateData==={{TemplateDataHeader}} <templatedata>{"description"Template data moved to [[Template: "A template used to mark potentially dated statements, and will add an article to the appropriate hidden sub-category As of Category:Articles containing potentially dated statements. This allows editors to catalogue statements that may become dated over time.","params": { "1": { "label": "Year", "description": "The year the statement is valid to. Must be in full numerical format (yyyy)", "type": "number", "required": true }, "2": { "label": "Month", "description": "The month the statement is valid to. Full, abbreviated or numerical formats supported (mm recommended)", "type" : "string/line", "required": false }, "3": { "label": "Day", "description": "The day the statement is valid to (not included in link). Numerical format only (dd)", "type": "number", "required": false }, "alt": { "label": "Alternate wording", "description": "Use different wording for the visible text output; if set, values for 'Date format' (df) and 'Lower case' (lc) parameters are ignored", "type": "stringdoc/line",TemplateData]] "required": false }, "df": { "label": "Date format", "description": "Set to US to use U.S. date format (mdy) (default is dmy)", "type": "string/line", "default": "US", "required": false }, "lc": { "label": "Lower case", "description": "Specify y to use lower case", "type": "string/line", "required":false }, "url": { "label": "URL", "description": "A URL for an inline external link (hidden by default) suggesting a webpage for future editors to check for updates to the statement; use the full URL with no spaces", "type": "string/line", "required": false }}}</templatedata--
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*[[:Category:All articles containing potentially dated statements]]
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