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Connected Citizens Program

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== References ==
More details available at:
More details available at: & INTRODUCING THE W10 AND THE NEW CONNECTED CITIZENS PLATFORM'''Word Doc: ''' [url=]Connected Citizens Program Summary[/url]
Video: [url=]Waze Connected Citizens Launch Highlights | Waze[/url] (1:25)
Video: [url=]Waze W10 10/1/14 Launch Event Panel, hosted by Baratunde Thurston[/url] (46:44)
Video: [url=]NYPD Partners with Waze for Road Safety[/url] (1:13)
Article: [url=]Waze Launches Connected Citizens Program, Debuts Inaugural "W10"[/url]
Press Release: [url=]Kentucky Transportation Cabinet among first partners with Waze[/url]
Press Release: [url=]FDOT, The Waze Connection[/url]
Forum Post: [ Forum Post]
Canned CCP Template: [ CCP Template]
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