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replacing https by http in external links (to not display the lock icon)
:* Your own "traffic cone rank" -- this gives the unlocking editor some insight into your experience level, and to know the level of reduction needed in case of a manual lock override. Example: ''I am rank 2.''
:* A [[Waze Map Editor#Permalink|permalink]]. Make sure the segments that need to be unlocked are all selected when the link is followed, and the area zoomed out just enough to see the selected roads and any features of the area necessary to understand the need for the edit you wish made. See the [[Waze Map Editor#Permalink|permalink]] page for more information about how permalinks work, and how to create and use them. Example: ''The locked segments can be found at https,77469408,77835812''
:* A description of the change you wish to be made. Example: ''I would like to change mapped road geometry to match physical changes to the road''
===Staff locks===
A special type of manual lock is the Waze Staff Lock. There have been times when a Waze staff member has locked a segment. In many cases, the lock is no longer required. So if you have a reason to edit it, please review [https this support link] to request it to be unlocked. This link is only for staff level locks.
===Automatic adjustments===
== See also ==
* [https Forum discussion about traffic locks].
* [[Editing rank]]
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