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;Central reservation
:Strip of land or barrier separating a dual carriage waycarriageway
;Cookies, cookie munching
:Cookies are the dots on unconfirmed (pacman roads). Cookie munching (or road munching) is driving over such roads (and in . It also confirms the process confirming them)road is drivable for the Waze server.
:Whether a road is one-way, two-way or no-entrance(unknown)
;Divided highway
:See dual carriageway
:Motorway; the major road system in your country
:The layout or shape of a roadsegment. Each road is made up of straight line segments. These can be arbitrarily short, effectively allowing curves;Geometry node:See Node
:The level or elevation of a road with respect to surrounding roads. So a road would normally be a at level grade. A road going underneath in a tunnel would be a -1 grade. A road going over would be a +1 grade. At complicated junctions such as freeway interchanges there can be many levels. So on a flat map we assign levels to show that while the roads cross, they do not connect because they are at different heights or elevations.
:High Occupancy Vehicle. A vehicle with 2 or more passengersoccupants. HOV Lanes, also known as Carpool Lanes and Transit Lanes, are lanes restricted for the use of cars carrying a specified number of passengersoccupants
;Junction [[Image:Junction_normal.png]]
:The point where two or more roads road segments connect; often incorrectly referred to as a 'node'. <br>
Junctions look differently depending on the situation:<br>
*[[Image:Junction_seletected.png]] Selected and editable segment junction<br>
:Driving over unconfirmed roads (pacman roads). See cookie munching
;Node [[Image:Segment_node.png]] [[Image:Landmark_node.png]]
:A handle on When editing a segment or landmark allowing modification , large black squares appear where the segment changes direction from straight. Click and drag them individually to alter the object geometry; also referred of the segment or or landmark. Click and drag the white circles on a segment to add them to as a an object or press the '''d'''geometry key while the mouse is hovered over them to delete the node' .
:Starting point for a driving route
:Also called a kettle or chuckhole, is a type of disruption in the surface of a roadway where a portion of the road material has broken away, leaving a hole.
:A freeway entrance or exit; sliproad. Ramps may be on-ramps or off-ramps. Ramps used to connect a roads at a different grade from the connecting road or freeway. See the [[Map Legend]] and the [[Junction Style Guide]] for more detail.
;Road munching
:Earning points by driving over roads (distance travelledtraveled). Also see cookie munching
:Defines a section of roadway on which vehicles may travel or a pathway where only people may travel. Multiple segments are connected by junctions.
:A motorway entrance or exit; ramp. Sliproads are often at a different grade from the connecting road or motorway
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