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{{Glossary_item|term=Alternate Fuel Vehicle|AFV|desc=See the [ Alternate Fuel Vehicle] Wikipedia article|added=2015-04-20}}
{{Glossary_item|term=Alternative Intersections|desc=Many intersection and interchange styles exist with various names depending location. (Additional Waze links to be added later.)<br><br>See the [ Alternative Intersections] External page|related1=Loon|added=2015-04-01}}
{{Glossary_item|term=American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials|AASHTO|desc=American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials<br><br>See the [ AASHTO] External page|added=2015-04-09}}
{{Glossary_item|term=AMGR|(abbr.)|desc=See the [[#Waze AM Layers|Waze AM Layers]] Glossary Term|updated=2015-02-23|added=2014-08-11|noanchor=yes}}
{{Glossary_item|term=AMIV|(abbr.)|desc=See the [[#Area Manager Info Visualizations|Area Manager Info Visualizations]] Glossary Term|added=2016-01-04|noanchor=yes}}
{{Glossary_item|term=Area Manager|AM|anchor1=AM - Area Manager|desc=An assigned role to help manage and maintain the map of a given geographical area.
<br><br>See the [[Area_Manager|Area Manager]] Wiki Page<br>Also see the [[#Editing Roles|Editing Roles]] Glossary Term|related1=Waze AM Layers|jump2=Editing Roles|updated=2015-02-08|added=2014-08-11}}
{{Glossary_item|term=Area Manager Info Visualizations|AMIV|desc=This project provides various types of information for use by Regional Coordinators and State Managers to access Info for Area Managers and various map Visualizations of their management areas. <br><br>See the [ AMIV - AM Info Visualizations] Waze forum|added=2016-01-04}}
{{Glossary_item|term=ASR|(abbr.)|desc=See the [[#Automatic Speech Recognition|Automatic Speech Recognition]] Glossary Term|added=2012-08-18|noanchor=yes}}
{{Glossary_item|term=Assistant Regional Coordinator|ARC|desc=The following temporary page was approved and the link here will be changed once the page is merged into the Wiki.<br><br>See the [[User:Orbitc/Assistant Regional Coordinator|Assistant Regional Coordinator]] Wiki Page<br>See the [[#Regional Coordinator|Regional Coordinator]] Glossary Term|jump2=Regional Coordinator|added=2016-01-05}}
{{Glossary_item|term=At-Grade Connectors|AGC|Connector|anchor1=At Grade Connector|anchor2=At Grade Connectors|anchor3=At-Grade Connector|anchor4=AGC - At Grade Connector|desc=Segments that interconnect roads at the same grade elevation.<br><br>See the [[At-grade connectors]] Wiki Page|added=2014-10-12}}
{{Glossary_item|term=Automatic Speech Recognition|ASR|anchor1=ASR - Automatic Speech Recognition|desc=The ability of a smartdevice to convert voice commands into actions on the device.<br><br>See the [[#Voice Commands|Voice Commands]] Glossary Term|related1=Voice|jump1=Voice Commands|jump4=#Junction Angle Info|added=2012-08-18}}
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