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minor spelling correction "wazbot" to "wazebot" in 2 instances
{{Glossary_item|term=Bookmarklets|BM|Bookmark|anchor1=BM - Bookmarklet|anchor2=Bookmarklet|desc=A Javascript stored as a web browser bookmark.<br><br>See the [[Bookmarklets]] Wiki Page|added=2014-10-11}}
{{Glossary_item|term=Boots on the Ground|BOTG|desc=Physical presence at a location to scout, and determine current conditions for Waze maps.|added=2016-01-27}}
{{Glossary_item|term=Bot|desc=As used with Waze, it is an automated robot program that functions as user in various systems. (For the WazeBot and WazeBotRo, see the Feed The Waze link below.)<br><br>Also see the [[#Wazbot|WazbotWazebot]] Glossary Term<br>Also see the [[#Feed The Waze|Feed The Waze]] Glossary Term|related1=Wazebot|jump1=WazbotWazebot|jump2=Feed The Waze|added=2016-01-05}}
{{Glossary_item|term=BOTG|(abbr.)|desc=See the [[#Boots on the Ground|Boots on the Ground]] Glossary Term|added=2016-01-27|noanchor=yes}}
{{Glossary_item|term=BugZilla|desc=A third party Defect Tracking System or Bug-Tracking System '''previously used''' by Waze. Use of Bugzilla by Waze has been discontiued.<br><br>The [[Bugzilla|''archived'' previous usage of Bugzilla]] Wiki Page|added=2015-01-30}}