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Spelling correction
{{Glossary_item|term=WME Geometrics|desc=See the [ WME Geometrics] Waze forum|related1=WME GPS Track View|added=2016-01-28}}
{{Glossary_item|term=WME GPS Track View|desc=See the [ WME GPS Track View] Waze forum<br>Also see the [[#WME Geometrics|WME Geometrics]] Glossary Term|jump2=WME Geometrics|added=2016-01-28}}
{{Glossary_item|term=WME Invalidated Camera Mass Eraser|desc=For carful careful use only by senior editorsonly.<br><br>See the [ Script's] External page<br>Also see the [ Script's French] Waze forum|added=2016-02-02}}
{{Glossary_item|term=WME LevelReset - USA|anchor1=WME LevelReset|desc=Script version of the WME LevelReset tool, to make relocking segments to their appropriate lock level easy & quick.<br><br>See the [ Script's] External page|added=2016-01-31}}
{{Glossary_item|term=WME Toolbox|WMETB|TB|Toolbox|anchor1=Tool Box|anchor2=WME-TB|desc=See the [[Extension:WME Toolbox]] Wiki Page|related1=Toolbox Country Coordinator|added=2015-01-30}}