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House Numbers in WME

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*House numbers are editable only at the 100m/200ft zoom level and lower.
*House numbers cannot be added to segments without a name.
*House numbers can contain numbers and letters.
*A segment cannot have its name removed if there are house numbers attached to it.
*House numbers can contain numbers and letters (But cannot start with a letter).
*The Waze app address search will only use the Waze house number if it has been created in the editor, or has been modified (moved).
*The Waze app does NOT automatically update position data for already-obtained destinations! Even after an address has been adjusted using WME and/or Google MapMaker, the app will retain the stale position data indefinitely and navigation will continue to fail. To eliminate stale position data, ask the reporter to remove any existing instances of the destination in the recents and favorites lists and then search for the destination again from scratch.