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== Duplicate City Name Error ==
<p>WME will prevent you from adding Waze has a city name strong commitment to a segment ifany segments in protecting your state have the same city name, and they are more than afew miles away. The error message <b>“Thehighlighted road is too far from the city it was added to”</b> will bedisplayed when you save. This is done to prevent elongated [[City_smudges | City Smudges]] in WME privacy and the clientanonymity.</p>
== Waze’s Original Solution Privacy options in the client app==By default, Waze is configured to keep your details private. This protection is not perfect due to privacy leakage.
<p>Waze resolved duplicate city names when they launched themap three ways.# When a small town was surrounded by a larger township of the same name, the smaller town was identified as <b>Foocity<The [http:/b> and the larger municipality got the name <b>Greater Foocity Area</b>support. #When the towns were separated by some distance, Waze appended a counting number behind the namegoogle. So you might see <b>Foocity (2)</b> and <b>Foocity (3)</b> on the map in addition to <b>Foocity<com/b>.#waze Waze dumped the city name altogether, which is one reason you see gaps in Help Center] website explains the Cities layer and roads with no city nameconfiguration settings for privacy.</p>
<p>None ==Privacy Leakage==Privacy leakage is the disclosure and linking of these are elegant solutionspersonal information to an apparently anonymous profile. Each state will need Privacy leakage is not unique todecide on a local solution if Waze. In fact Waze has very good privacy settings and policies. But they want are not perfect, and some problems are inherent to clear duplicate names from theirstateany internet connected service that may contain location information, including Facebook, Twitter, as there are a wide variety of municipal configurations in Foursquare and your photos (which may be geotagged). The fact that Waze supports all these options compounds the USAproblem.</p>
== Better Schemes for Removing Duplication ==This list of ways you can lose your privacy is intended to be complete, but there may be other ways not yet recorded.
<p>As long as the city name differs by one character, you will===Driving location===not get the error message. But we don’t recommend kludgey fixes. The best wayto clear duplication Waze is configured by default to find something unique, but accurate, that identifiesa municipalitydisplay your location as an anonymous driver. *Examples**If a borough and a township share the same nameTo add to your privacy, rename the township segments to read <b>Foocity Twp</b>. **In Pennsylvanialocation display is delayed, we have several instances of three or more townships sharing the same name. So we append the county name to so the township name, <b>Foocity, Countyname</b>, since that location given is how they are uniquely identified to the state governmentwhere you were 2 minutes earlier.</p>
<p>The simplest scheme location of [[Glossary#Wazer|Wazers]] is publicly available to resolve conflicts in this order:</p>other Wazers and on the internet. Rather than being anonymous, you can choose to have your location associated with your nickname.
<p>1Even when your location is displayed anonymously, there can be privacy leakage. If On long highways, isolated country roads, or when traveling at a postal area distance from your home, even anonymous location can disclose your identity. It is possible to identify you from your driving location or driving patterns, especially when combined with an identifying nickname, or CDP (Census Designated Place as found other location databases. If you arrive at home and leave Waze on the [http://www, it will show you in your driveway or home.censusThis may be enough to locate your street Census Tract Maps]Public databases such as local government (county) tax and rating records and phone books can be used with an address to find a city conflict, append something to the city full name, since CDPs and Postal areas don’t have any other common appellationpersonal information.</p>
<p>2. If And if a well-known city Wazer comes close enough to see your car and a lesser-known city conflictits license plate, the most well-known keeps the unadorned namethat car registration information can be used to collect personal information and identify you.</p>
<p>3===Nickname and Username===When you first install Waze you are given a random user name. If all else is equalyou change this user name, you may provide additional information about your identity. A first name may be enough to identify you if people observe you regularly driving to the same company location, choose one or to keep the original same street address. Having your company name, and add as part of your nickname may help identify you. Using the minimum clear suffix same nickname as you use on other social networks like Twitter or Facebook may help identify you. Making a forum post using your nickname where you mention your real name or other personal information may help identify you. This personal information can then be linked to alter the othersyour Waze nickname and Waze identity.</p>
== Changing an Entire City Name ==The same issues apply to your username which is used on the Waze website, including [[Map editing|map editing]] and [[Discussion Forums]]. Your choice of username and nickname may make it easy to link the two.
<p>Using mass editing tools ===Twitter===You can choose to link your Waze account to change a city name on all segmentsis strongly discouragedTwitter. The mass editing tools can lead By default this will post your road reports to errors and loss ofdataTwitter. The correct procedure is You can also choose to contact tweet your Region Coordinator with the oldcity namedestination, new city name ETA and a permalink road munching reports. All of the center of the areathese will disclose your location and movements. The coordinatorwill then ask Waze By default Twitter accounts are open to make the correction in their databasepublic, and not just your followers. A side benefit is any polygon with the old city name will Your Twitter profile may include personal information which can be removed at the same time. Merging two cities should also be handled the same waylinked to you and your Waze identity.</p>
== Cities Layer Purpose =Facebook===You can choose to link your Waze account to Facebook. By default this will show your Facebook profile picture to everyone. Facial recognition can be used to identify you. You may choose to disclose your name from Facebook (which is supposed to be your real name). You can also choose to update Facebook with your destination, ETA and road munching reports. All of these will disclose your location and movements. Your Facebook profile may contain more information that allows you to be identified and that information linked to your Waze identity.
<p>Currently===Foursquare===You can choose to link your Waze account to Foursquare. If you then choose Report/Check in with Foursquare, the cities layer in WME is only used then Foursquare will disclose your location. Your settings on Foursquare may be linked to displaythe city name other networks such as Facebook and polygon on the client Twitter and provide a location for clientwarningsupdate those as well. It is also believed Your Foursquare image and profile and links to other social networks may allow you to be used when you search for a city in WME. Some users have speculated identified and that this layer will be used for native addresssearch, but this has never been confirmed by information linked to your Wazeidentity. </p>
=== City Polygon Creation and Updating Waze Groups===You may not link to Twitter or Facebook, but you may be a member of a Waze group. Some of these groups are linked to Twitter. You make a traffic report which is shared with the group, and the group automatically sends it to Twitter and Facebook. Your Waze username (not your nickname) is published in the group membership list, together with the date you joined.
<p>Many of the city polygons were created by This makes it very easy to link your Waze nickname with your Waze at theoriginal map import. They were not visible to editors in early versions of WMEusername, and reveals information about your probable location and interests.</p>
<p>Waze runs a server process regularly that looks for newroads or road segments with changed city names. If the city name is new, a polygonwill you do not choose to be created to cover all the segments with the same name. If a polygon withthat name existsanonymous, Waze will sometimes expand or contract your icon displayed on the polygon map to matchthe new road locations. Experience has shown that many of the older polygons resistchanges and remain the same shapeother wazers includes an icon badge representing your main group, no matter what city name which can make it easier to identify you apply to amongst the roads.Waze has never explained thisgroup members.</p>
=== City Polygon Removal Automatic road reports===Your Waze client app may issue false traffic congestion reports, thinking you are stuck in traffic, rather than having stopped traveling at your home and work. A series of reports makes it much easier to identify a [[glossary|wazer]] living or working at a nearby location. It is important to turn off Waze when you have finished traveling, and not just put it in the background. This still remains a problem, as such false reports can be generated just by starting Waze to plan a route before departing.
<p>This also means the social part of the social GPS (chit chat) cannot be used from a stationary location without both disclosing your location, and generating false traffic congestion reports. ===Manual Road reports and Chit chat===These reports disclose your Waze nickname, your location, and possibly direction of travel. Making a road report or Chit chat where you mention your real name or other personal information may help identify you. If you choose to publish road reports to Twitter, your nickname can be linked to your Twitter profile. Chit chat is considered to be a road report for the purposes of publishing to Twitter and Facebook. By default, road reports are sent to Twitter when you link Waze to your Twitter account. Road reports may also be sent as a Facebook update if you link Waze runs to Facebook, but the default setting is not to send to Facebook. A combination of your Facebook or Twitter profile, and your nickname chit chat may help disclose personal information about you. ===Creation and editing of roads===When you record a server process periodically new road]] or edit the layout or details of an existing road, your Waze username is linked to that removes cityroad. It is natural to edit roads around your home, work, and along your common routes. This may make it easier to identify you and link a Waze nickname commonly traveling on roads created or edited by a Waze nickname.polygons if there Other map edits such as adding [[house numbers]] are no road segments recorded with that your Waze username and may make it easier to identify you. ===Discussion Forums===[[Discussion Forums|Discussion forum]] posts are made using your username. If you disclose your real nameor other personal information in a forum post, this can be linked to your Waze username.  Experience has shown that many  ==Practical considerations=====Using Waze adds an insignificant amount of risk in day-to-day use===* Most of us are not going to be the older polygonstarget of stalkers.* Owning a smartphone running Waze does not mean our home is much more likely to be filled with valuable possessions. Running Waze does mean mean that your are more likely to have home security. But thieves may come to different conclusions.* Most homes are empty while people are not removed by this processat work from 9am until 5pm. Your Regional Coordinator can request Thieves don't need Waze to know that.* Waze remove these polygonsby itself doesn't disclose if you are home alone, or if your home is empty.* There are easier ways for thieves to find out which houses to rob. ===But be sensible===* Don't Chit chat saying your whole family is away for 3 weeks leaving the house empty. You might Chit chat about how you forgot to feed your dog and you hope it doesn't attack anyone.* Don't Chit chat about anything that makes you a target. For example, don't chit chat about how you hope your jewelery collection is safe in your closet.</p>