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*[[#Report a closure in the waze client app|Report a Closure in the Waze client app]]
*[[#Major traffic events|Major Traffic Events (MTEs)]]
*[[#Temporary closures in wmeWME_closure_feature|Temporary Closures in WME]]
*[[#Closure sheets|Closure Sheets]]
Whenever entering a '''time''', it should be using the 24 hour clock, in the format of '''HH:MM:SS'''. ''The HH is the two digit hour, MM is the two digit minute, and SS is the two digit seconds. The seconds may be optional depending on the feature you are using. (For example 2:53 pm will be entered as 14:53.)''
In the 24 hour clock, the first 12 hours of the day from midnight until 11:59 am, are represented as 00:00 - 11:59. The second twelve hours of the day from noon until 11:59 pm, are represented as 12:00 - 23:59. ''To make it easy to remember, any time in the AM hours, is just the same (with a leading zero for the first nine single digit hours). Any time in the PM hours, add 12 to the hour (so 2 pm becomes 14 - by doing the following: 2+12=14).
The minute of midnight can be represented both as 00:00, and as 24:00 depending on if it is connected to the previous day (24:00), or the new day just beginning (00:00). ''For example Monday 24:00 is the same minute as Tuesday 00:00.'' To prevent confusion you should avoid using 00:00, or 24:00 as a closure time, instead use 23:59, or 00:01.
{{anchor|Report closure feature in the waze app}}
=== Report closure feature in the Waze app ===
Any closures reported from the Waze app are visible, and can be manipulated in the Waze Map Editor. Waze app reported closures {{u|do not}} have an effect on routing until enough users report the same segment closed. However if an editor sees it in WME and edits it, the RTCs then take effect immediately. ''For all the details on the display and handling of app-reported closures in WME please see the [[#Understanding closures with an end date circa 1970|section below that explains the WME aspect of these closures]].''
=== Major Traffic Events (MTEs) ===
If a road closure is part of a larger event, it can be submitted to Waze as a Major Traffic Event (MTE). MTEs are generally determined by the scale of the event and how many people will be impacted. The closures should be submitted using the MTE sheets provided or the WME Closure tool (available to editors rank 4 and above in most communities). This way Waze is able to track the closures and help spread the word.
To receive further support from Waze (website and/or push + inbox message) for an MTE closure, the event must be submitted through the MTE submission form below.
==== Support for Major Traffic Events ====
Once the submitted event is reviewed, the submitter receives an MTE closure sheet and further instruction on how to provide all of the information needed to properly close the effected affected roads.
Once the closure sheet is fully completed, the closure will be live in the app.
==== Closure feature permissions ====
This feature is restricted to rank 5 3 editors and above, unless otherwise decided by the local community. Global champs also have the ability to allow users of various levels access to the feature. If you would like to request access, contact a member of the community in the [ Waze Community Forums].
Alternatively, If you do not have the required rank to access the Closure feature in WME, you can ask a higher ranking editor to implement the closures for you. Your country may have a streamlined monitored process for this, or it can be submitted like any other unlock/update request. You can also ask a higher ranked editor directly in a [[PM]], or [[WME Chat]]. ''In the USA the [ Road Closures Form (USA)] is used for example.''
For '''urgent closures''' which must be uploaded or changed immediately, ''and can not be submitted through WME'', you  you can "add a comment" to it in the sheet and write "URGENT", or any other descriptive text so they know to handle immediately.
When you add a comment by right-clicking on a cell in the sheet, Waze staff get a separate alert with the text of the comment after a few minutes.