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=== Editing pages ===
* [ Wiki markup- cheatsheet]:* [ Wiki markup - detailed]
* [ Editing pages]
=== External links ===
* [ Link#External_links External links] === Columns === Example pages with columns:* Alpha index template [[Massachusetts/Cities and towns]]* Std columns [[Michigan]]
=== Talk pages ===
* ==== New topics ====When adding a new topic, add a section heading to the talk page with:<pre>== Heading name of your comment ==</pre> ==== Sign your post ====Sign your posts by adding four ~ in a row:<pre>~~~~</pre> After saving, the four ~ will automatically be translated into links to your user page and talk page with the date and time of your post. Optionally set off your signature with italics using two ' marks around the four ~.: This is my comment. ''[[User:Kentsmith9|kentsmith9]] ([[User talk:Kentsmith9|talk]]) 15:49, 16 May 2014 (UTC)'' ==== Indent responses ====Use '''indenting''' to show responses to prior entries with the : character using one for each level of indenting desired.<pre>Initial message.: Response to initial message.:: Counter response.::: Counter to the counter.</pre>will produce: Initial message.: Response to initial message.:: Counter response.::: Counter to the counter.  ''For additional details see [ Talk pages]''
=== HTML colors ===
=== Template formatting ===
Good templates start with good documentation for the editor. The following template(s) show good formatting for the content that should be documented in the template.
* [[Template:Construction]]
* Avoid starting headings with numbers (other than years), because this can be confusing for readers with the "Auto-number headings" preference selected.
* Before changing a section heading, consider whether you might be breaking existing links to that section. If there are many links to the old section title, create an {{tl|anchor}} with that title to ensure that the links still work. Similarly, when linking to a section of an article, leave an invisible comment at that section, specifying the names of the linking articles so that if the title is altered, others can fix the links.
* Do not start headings with a single equal (=) because inside of the Wiki a single equal is used for the title. Always start with two equal signs (==).
* Place Anchors immediately below the section header or at the start of the header text inside the "=".
=== Renaming pages ===
When it becomes necessary to rename a page, the Move tab at the top of a Wiki page should be used for a few reasons. A redirect page is provided automatically from the old name. The edit history is transferred from the original page to the new one. This is important in understanding who introduced changes and when they were made to a page. If the destination page of the rename already exists, it must be moved to another page without creating a redirect. Otherwise it will require an admin to delete the page. === Disambiguation pages ===We follow the [[Wikipedia:Wikipedia:Disambiguation|Wikipedia guidelines for Disambiguation (DAB) pages]]. Primarily make each entry only a single line. Do not use ending punctuation. Only use enough words to differentiate the the linked terms. Only have a single hyperlink per line. Some examples can be seen under the [ Category:Disambiguation]. === Punctuation spacing ===The Wiki was set up with single spacing after the punctuation. In order to keep consistency in the Wiki, do not use double spacing after the punctuation. === HTTPS ===When adding an external link, do not include the "s" in '''https'''. Simply remove the "s" from the URL. This will prevent the display of the [ closed lock] image and instead show the [ external link indicator] or the [ document type (currently only pdf is mapped into the CSS)].
== Other questions ==