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Help:Wazeopedia user rights policy

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== Local wiki permissions ==
Local wikis' permissions can be adjasted by request of the local comunity members. By defualt this is the normal policy:
* '''Logged-in users ''' can edit any page (but those who are manually set as protected)* '''Local wiki champs ''' will be assigned as bureaucrats and will be able . This allows them to control :** Control other user user rights (in page [[Special:UserRights]], as well as gaining full .** Full access to all content related actions (delete page, protect pages, etc.) as well as to edit .** Edit mediawiki namespace for changing system messages. ** Mark pages for [[Help:How to use the Translation tool|translation]].
== Global wiki permissions ==
The Global wiki is restricted for editing but for the users assigned to the '''Champs''' permission group.
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