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Country template
==== Country template ====
You can make this process much easier and not have to type the URL, and your custom link text for most pages by creating a special redirection template for your country. If the pages In Wazeopedia have the same names as they did in the legacy wiki, you can use a magic word in your template to figure out the name.<br>
One example of such a template is for the USA <code><nowiki>{{</nowiki>[[|USRedirect]]<nowiki>}}</nowiki></code>, and anyone can copy it for their own country if they wish.
Here we still have the option of specifying a Wazeopedia to link to if the names are different, and to set a custom link text. But if you don't put any page link, or custom text, your country template can fill that in for you by default automatically.<br>
For basic pages where the name is the same in the legacy wiki, and the Wazeopedia you would only have to put the county template with no options.<br><br>{{U|Please feel free to copy this one and make a local version for your country. Make sure to replace all the times it says USA in the script with your countries' name as it is in the URL. If you need help you can a wiki master.}}
===== Example =====
On the Road Types/USA page you could simply put the US template at the top of the page like this. <br>
For the Parking page which has a different name in Wazeopedia and Local Wazeopedia. Then you could not use the simple empty version, because it will point to the wrong page. So you add the PAGENAME as the first option, and if you want you can adjust the link text by using the second option. {{red|Notice here we only use the full page name, and not include the country name at the beginning.}} For example: <br><code><nowiki>{{</nowiki>[[|USRedirect]]|Places/Parking lot|Put what you want the link to say here<nowiki>}}</nowiki></code><br>This will give you a redirect link like this: [ lot Parking_lot Put what you want the link to say here]
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