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# Western
== Units MapRaid Guidance ==Zambia uses the metric system and drives on the left hand side of the road. Please ensure you use change your units in WME.
For our US and Canadian visitors, Zambia falls under the World Server. In the upper right hand corner of the editor, where it says US & Canada, ==== Before you can click it for a dropdown menu. To edit in Zambia, change to the World server, commonly known as the ROW (Rest of the World) server. The US & Canada server is commonly known as the NA Server.===='''Units'''
== MapRaid Guidance ==Zambia uses the metric system. Please ensure you change your units in WME. '''Server'''
==== Before Zambia is found on the World Server. If you normally edit ====in North America or Israel, you must change your server. In the upper left of the editor, Look below the title "Waze Map Editor". Click the dropdown menu and change to World.[[File:LHT.png|border|thumb|right|340px|Left-hand Traffic (LHT)]]'''Left-hand Traffic (LHT)'''
In countries like the South Africa, United Kingdom, and Australia, the following terms are commonly used to describe the rule of the road for these countries:
admin, champs, Administrators