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Tools for this MapRaid: JAI - tampermonkey version. Added links for all scripts.
* Google Street View
{{red|Warning: If you copy information from unauthorized sources, you may be removed from this mapraid. Also, every segment you edited may be removed from the map. Copying information from copyrighted sources is illegal!}}
====Highly recommended tools====
These tools are all scripts that will help you make better use of the information available to you in WME. For this mapraid, the following are highly recommended. You are responsible for learning what they do and using them appropriately.
'''[ WMEMagic]'''
* Tampermonkey plugin that will help you spot basemap problems more quickly. Ask group leaders for best basemap settings.
** Install for [ Chrome] only (Requires [ Tampermonkey]).
'''WME URL Fixer'''
* This will help Toolbox work until it is updated for the recent changes in WME.
** Install for [ Chrome] (Requires [ Tampermonkey])
** Install for [ Firefox] (Requires [ Greasemonkey])
'''[ WME Toolbox]'''
* Helps you spot 2-segment loops, segments with undefined direction, and "soft nodes" with unconfirmed turns, and has other tools available for higher-ranked editors. Some tools are not working following recent WME changes.
** Install for [ Chrome].
** Install for [ Firefox].
'''[ Junction Angle Info]'''
* An extension that shows junction's angles. Essential for knowing what the default Waze turn instructions will be.
** [ for Firefox or Chrome]
** (Requires [ Tampermonkey for Chrome] or [ Greasemonkey for Firefox])
'''[ Street View Availability]'''
* A script that shows where Street View imagery is available on WME segments and places.
** Install for [ Chrome] (Requires [ Tampermonkey])
** Install for [ Firefox] (Requires [ Greasemonkey])
<span style="color:#FF0000">Please remember that you are responsible for edits made through the use of scripts</span>
Always understand what the script does before using it! There is a [[global:Scripts|wiki page]] and a [ forum] with more information.
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