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Divide Highways: if you think you need to divide an existing highway, consult a group leader.
If you are adding a new road whch will be classified as mH or higher and is wide enough for median segments at intersections to be >5m, you need to create two one-way segments. You can open Advanced Preferences and uncheck the box for "Draw new roads as two-way" to help with this.
Most highways whidh are already Highways which were on the map before the mapraid began are already drawn properlydivided if they need to be. If you find an already-drawn "old" highway that you think needs to be divided, create two one-way segments from each 2-way segment (preserving the traffic data in both directions). If you are not familiar with the technique for preserving traffic data in both directions, please work with an editor who iscontact a mapraid leader. We follow the [ guidelines in this presentation on when dividing roads]to save traffic data in both directions.
==== Solve URs and MPs ====
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