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Average road speeds

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Here are a collection of user created banners celebrating editor milestones which can be used in the forums. These milestones are based on #REDIRECT [[editing ranksRouting server]] for users. To insert into your signature, go to the user control panel on the forums to [ edit your signature] and paste in the text below the appropriate image, including the [img] tags. Alternate external source for banners with additions for shorten versions of those below, plus banners for Waze Champs and Experts:  == 1K Edit Club =='''Rank 2:''' [[Image:Waze_signature_2cones.png]] <nowiki>[img][/img]</nowiki> == 10k Edit Club (aka Area Manager) =='''Rank 3:''' [[Image:Waze_signature_AM_only.png]] <nowiki>[img][/img]</nowiki> == 100K Edit Club =='''Plain Shield:''' [[Image:waze_signature_100k_plain.png]] <nowiki>[img][/img]</nowiki> '''Editor Shield plus 3 cones:''' [[Image:Waze_signature_100k_3c.png]] <nowiki>[img][/img]</nowiki>  '''Editor Shield plus 4 cones:''' [[Image:Waze_signature_100k_4c.png]] <nowiki>[img][/img]</nowiki>  '''Editor Shield plus 5 cones:''' [[Image:waze_signature_100k_5c.png]] <nowiki>[img][/img]</nowiki>  '''Editor Shield plus 6 cones:''' [[Image:waze_signature_100k_6c.png]] <nowiki>[img][/img]</nowiki> == 200K Edit Club == '''Plain Shield:''' [[Image:waze_signature_200k_plain.png]] <nowiki>[img][/img]</nowiki>  '''Editor Shield plus 3 cones:''' [[Image:waze_signature_200k_3c.png]] <nowiki>[img][/img]</nowiki>  '''Editor Shield plus 4 cones:''' [[Image:waze_signature_200k_4c.png]] <nowiki>[img][/img]</nowiki>  '''Editor Shield plus 5 cones:''' [[Image:waze_signature_200k_5c.png]] <nowiki>[img][/img]</nowiki>  '''Editor Shield plus 6 cones:''' [[Image:waze_signature_200k_6c.png]] <nowiki>[img][/img]</nowiki> == 300K Edit Club == '''Plain Shield:''' [[Image:waze_signature_300k_plain.png]] <nowiki>[img][/img]</nowiki>  '''Editor Shield plus 4 cones:''' [[Image:Waze_signature_300k_4c.png]] <nowiki>[img][/img]</nowiki>  '''Editor Shield plus 5 cones:''' [[Image:waze_signature_300k_5c.png]] <nowiki>[img][/img]</nowiki>  '''Editor Shield plus 6 cones:''' [[Image:waze_signature_300k_6c.png]] <nowiki>[img][/img]</nowiki> == 400K Edit Club == Plain Shield: <nowiki>[img][/img]</nowiki> '''Editor Shield plus 4 cones:''' [[Image:Waze_signature_400k_4c.png]] <nowiki>[img][/img]</nowiki>  '''Editor Shield plus 5 cones:''' [[Image:Waze_signature_400k_5c.png]] <nowiki>[img][/img]</nowiki>  '''Editor Shield plus 6 cones:''' [[Image:Waze_signature_400k_6c.png]] <nowiki>[img][/img]</nowiki> == 500K Edit Club == '''Editor Shield plus 5 cones:''' [[Image:Waze_signature_500k_5c.png]] <nowiki>[img][/img]</nowiki> '''Editor Shield plus 6 cones:''' [[Image:Waze_signature_500k_6c.png]] <nowiki>[img][/img]</nowiki> == 600K Edit Club == '''Editor Shield plus 5 cones:''' [[Image:Waze_signature_600k_5c.png]] <nowiki>[img][/img]</nowiki> '''Editor Shield plus 6 cones:''' [[Image:Waze_signature_600k_6c.png]] <nowiki>[img][/img]</nowiki> == 700K Edit Club == '''Editor Shield plus 5 cones:''' [[Image:Waze_signature_700k_5c.png]] <nowiki>[img][/img]</nowiki> '''Editor Shield plus 6 cones:''' [[Image:Waze_signature_700k_6c.png]] <nowiki>[img][/img]</nowiki> == 800K Edit Club == '''Editor Shield plus 5 cones:''' [[Image:Waze_signature_800k_5c.png]] <nowiki>[img][/img]</nowiki> '''Editor Shield plus 6 cones:''' [[Image:Waze_signature_800k_6c.png]] <nowiki>[img][/img]</nowiki> == 900K Edit Club == '''Editor Shield plus 5 cones:''' [[Image:Waze_signature_900k_5c.png]] <nowiki>[img][/img]</nowiki> '''Editor Shield plus 6 cones:''' [[Image:Waze_signature_900k_6c.png]] <nowiki>[img][/img]</nowiki> == 1.0M Edit Club == '''Editor Shield plus 5 cones:''' [[Image:Waze_signature_1_0M_5c.png]] <nowiki>[img][/img]</nowiki> '''Editor Shield plus 6 cones:''' [[Image:Waze_signature_1_0M_6c.png]] <nowiki>[img][/img]</nowiki> == Monster == [[Image:Monster.png]] <nowiki>[img][/img]</nowiki> == 250k Edit Club == Editor Shield plus 5 cones:[[File:Waze signature 250k 5c.png]] <nowiki>[img][/img]</nowiki>== New Editor == <nowiki>[img][/img]</nowiki>