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How Waze calculates routes

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* '''Read''' the [[Waze Version 3|User Manual]]
* '''Get''' the [[How to get the free Waze client| free Waze app]] for your [[client device|supported smartphone]]
* '''Get''' [[Help for an incomplete map|help]] when you have Waze running but the map shows few or no roads, or streets with no names, or you travel to an unmapped area
* '''Understand''' the [[Timeline of updating process|timing of updates]], including when you can edit roads you have driven on
* '''Edit''' the map** ''Please do not'' edit the map until you have read the [[Waze Map Editor]] manual and reviewed the [[best map editing practice]] articless
** ''Please do not'' turn on [[recording a new road]] unless you are about to drive on to a road that is ''not already on the map''
* '''Use''' the [[Dashboard|My Dashboard section on the Waze website]]
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