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[[File:Best continuation.png|border|center|700px|Flowchart defining the steps the algorithm runs through.]]
=== Special Considerations Exceptions ===
*In some situations at a [[Junction Style Guide#Y Intersections|Y-Intersection]] (where there are more than one segment leaving the junction node at less than a {{:How_Waze_determines_turn_/_keep_/_exit_maneuvers/Stay threshold}} angle), navigation to either segment will generate a 'KEEP RIGHT/LEFT" instruction. This will happen if none of the segments leading out at less than {{:How_Waze_determines_turn_/_keep_/_exit_maneuvers/Stay threshold}} are a better match for name or segment type, even if one of those has a departure angle of 0° from s-in. This is also mentioned in the [[Junction Style Guide#Wayfinder Segments|wayfinder section]].
[[File:Turn algorithm flowchart.png|700px|thumb|center|Graphic flowchart for algorithm how waze determines turn, keep, and exit instructions. For Junctions, and roundabouts. ''(click to enlarge)'']]
=== Special considerations ===
*The direction of a turn which is less than {{:How_Waze_determines_turn_/_keep_/_exit_maneuvers/Stay threshold}} is measured relative to the other segments at the junction less than {{:How_Waze_determines_turn_/_keep_/_exit_maneuvers/Stay threshold}}.
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