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Date range
=== Date range ===
{{Red|((Insert panel with date range selected showing the calendar))}}[[Image:Restrictions dates selector.jpg]]
The default setting is '''Every week''' meaning there is no limit to the date range so as soon as you add the restriction it will be active every week until it is removed. Optionally you can select the radio button for '''Range''' of dates to limit the restriction to a certain number of days. Press the button displaying the date to display two calendars. The one one the left shows the start date and the calendar on the right shows the end date of the restriction. Note these date are inclusive meaning the restriction will include both dates (and all the ones in between) when determining the restriction. When you have selected the date range press the green '''Apply''' button. The date range is displayed in '''DD/MM/YYYY''' format. To remove the date range, simply select the '''Every week''' radio button again.
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