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=== Reversible road ===
{{Red|((explain that Reversible roads are roads whose travel direction depends on the time of day, to allow more lanes of travel into or out of a city in order to handle the additional vehicle load during rush hours. On the Waze map, a reversible road is set up as twoa 2-way on the main map road, and then restricted in the panelallowed travel directions are set up as restrictions. this merits its own section imo as it This is a bit tricky because Waze uses the idea of ''restrictions,'' which is the opposite of ''allowed.'' For example, say a somewhat complex topic))}}road allows travel northbound only between the hours of 6AM to 11AM. Those are the allowed hours of travel that direction. In the Waze restrictions setup, we would have to ensure that travel in that direction is ''restricted from 11:01AM to 5:59AM.''
==== Reversible roads with vehicle type restrictions ====
Some reversible roads may also be restricted to certain vehicle types. A common example of this is the reversible HOV lane.
{{Red|((explain Some cities have reversible roads set up that too))}}are also HOV lanes. Two examples are in Seattle and are the I-90 and I-5 Express Lanes. These lanes reverse travel direction depending on the time of day, but these lanes are also HOV lanes, so you aren't allowed on them unless your vehicle meets the requirements.
[[Image:I-5 express seattle a-b restrictions list.jpg]]
[[Image:I-5 express seattle b-a restrictions list.jpg]]
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