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Vehicle type
=== Vehicle type ===
There are some situations that only restrict certain vehicle types from passing through the turn or segment. Examples of this include HOV lanes, bus stops, and no truck-only exit rampszones.
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Also, some turns may be taken by all no traffic ''except'' certain vehicles. Examples of this include no HOV lanes, bus stops, and truck zones-only exit ramps. For example, for an HOV-2 restricted road, you might check all vehicle types except HOV-2, HOV-3, motorcycles, and public transit.
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[[Image:Restrictions vehicle types.jpg]]
Add a check mark only the vehicles that should be restricted are not permitted during the restriction period and leave the others other types unchecked. Use the '''Select all''' or '''Select none''' link to to more quickly change all the check boxes.
''REMEMBER: These are <u>restrictions</u>. The selected vehicle types will be restricted. The unselected vehicle types will be allowedadmitted.''
{{Red|NOTE:}} The Waze client app does not differentiate between different vehicle types, so these settings will do not have any affect on routing.
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