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Scheduled restrictions (or time-based restrictions) enable Waze to control the routing of vehicles through roads or turns, and those can be further restricted based on time, day, or vehicle type. The classic use cases are for public transit lanes, turn restrictions during rush or commute hours, directionality changes, seasonal road closures, gates, moveable bridges and [[ferry]] lanes.
== Overview Controlling traffic ==
There are four methods to control traffic flow:
# [[Mega events]]
# [[How_to_Report#Closure|Temporary Road Closures]]
# <b>''Scheduled Restrictions (this article)</b>''
# [[Road_Naming_(USA)#Construction_Zones.3B_naming_large_sections_of_major_roads_that_are_under_construction|Disconnect road segments]]
{{Red|((Create article on why to use each one and point to that article. If small enough make a template and insert here. That new article becomes a type of disambiguation page for road closures and restrictions.))RoadClosure}} == Overview ==
This article covers how to create scheduled restrictions. Scheduled restrictions can be based on:
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