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A partial restriction on a turn or segment can mean some types of vehicles are forbidden
or some or all vehicles are forbidden at certain times, or on certain days or dates, or both.
Partial restrictions are often used for bus lanes, turns that are forbidden during rush hour, segments that change direction for morning and evening rush hour, bridges and ferries that are only available during the day, roads that are closed in winter, and for some short-term road closures.
If a turn is forbidden on all days, dates, and times, then use [[Turn_restriction#Turn_restrictions_.28allowed_turns.29|turn restriction]] or [[Set_one-way_road#Set_Road_Type.2C_Direction.2C_and_Elevation|one-way road]] instead. If no traffic will ever be allowed to travel through an intersection, it should be disconnected. If no traffic will ever be allowed to travel on a segment, the segment should not be added to the map.
A partial restriction prevents some, but not all, traffic from making a turn, or from using a For big road in one or both directions. Partial restrictions may be ''scheduled restrictions'' (time-based restrictions), block certain vehicle types (e.g., truck restrictions) or both. The typical use cases are:* dedicated public transit (bus) lanes* turn restrictions during heavy traffic periods (e.g., rush or commute hours)* directionality changes to accommodate heavier flow on a bridge or tunnel in one direction in the morning closing events such as marathons and the other direction in the evening* seasonal road closuresparades, gates, moveable bridges and please see [[ferryMega events]] lanes* short term For construction (long term -related traffic closures should use disconnected roads, though time restrictions may be used to synchronize the start or end of the closure period) == Controlling traffic == There are four methods to control traffic flow:# [[Mega events]]# please see [[How_to_Report#Closure|Temporary Road Closures]]# ''Scheduled Restrictions and Vehicle Type restrictions (this article)''# [[Road_Naming_(USA)#Construction_Zones.3B_naming_large_sections_of_major_roads_that_are_under_construction|Disconnect road segments]] {{:Road closures/Overview list}}
== Overview ==
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