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=== Area Place size ===
Some locations that qualify for an Area Place may involve one or more structures area places,much as well as open spacethe Pentagon building in Arlington, roadsVirginia, and parking. In such cases, particularly if these components form have a single recognizable structure useful as a unified complex or campus with an overall identity, the boundaries of the Area Place should encompass the entire property (i.evisual reference for Wazers., "mapped These can be drawn to approximate the fence line"). This ensures that clients render and label the Area Place with the correct significance when viewed with reduced zoom.structure's footprint or outline,
Other qualifying Area Places whose property lines are substantially identical with a single destination structure may be drawnarea places, like University campuses and large shopping malls include more than one component, such as one or more buildings, open areas, roads, if desiredand parking. In this case, it is often most useful to Wazers to map "to approximate the structure's outline or footprintfence line"). This will show the area and its label in the mobile app even when zoomed out. The Gas Station Stations and Parking Lot categories of Area Place suppress automated detection of Map Problems and Lots should always be mapped to the fence line (or at least to alldrivable area)and gas station or parking lot should be the first category in the extent category list. This suppresses automated detection of the drivable area (see Map Problems. See [[Places/Parking lot]] and [[Places/Gas Station]] for more detail on these Area Places).
=== Area Places overlap ===
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