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Area Place size: gas station and parking lot areas DO NOT. prevent traffic pollution on adjoining roads
Other area places, like University campuses and large shopping malls include more than one component, such as one or more buildings, open areas, roads, and parking. In this case, it is often most useful to Wazers to map "to the fence line"). This will show the area and its label in the mobile app even when zoomed out.
Gas Stations and Parking Lots should be mapped to the fence line (or at least to the drivable area); gas station or parking lot should be the first category in the category list. This tells Waze not to save any traffic data to nearby off-site roads and not to worry about report automated map problems when Wazers traveling travel off-road in these areas. See [[Places/Parking lot]] and [[Places/Gas Station]] for more detail on these Area Places.
=== Area Places overlap ===
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