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* [[Known issues]] with [[Cartouche]] - needs updating
* Newly plotted (unknown, red-line) roads are not showing in [[Cartouche]] at the 3 minimum zoom levels. Waze is aware of this and are working to fix it
* Anyone can create a landmark, but only [[Area Managers]] can edit landmarks once they have been created
* Some roads are reverting back to an unconfirmed state (back to Pacman roads with dots on them). Waze is investigating this. Please report any observed examples in [ this forum thread]
* [ Known Waze service issues]
* [[Client device problems]]
* [Currently working] On 9 September the [[How Waze calculates routes|routing server]] was unavailable for over 12 hours. It was also unavailable for an hour on 13 September. Client routing and [[Live Map]] routing fails with a message that the routing server could not be contacted.
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