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U-turn example 2mediansegs-bdp.png Cutting a median segment into two may have unintended consequences U-turns are legal at this intersection. Even though U-turn prevention will not be triggered here, Waze will rarely route a U-turn at this intersection. When the railroad was junctioned with the median segment, it cut a single median into two. The two-segment discontinuity between divided roads of Major Blvd can trigger a lower penalty mechanism designed to discourage detours off the main road (see Big Detour Prevention, BDP).
U-turn example 2mediansegs-allowed.png Cutting a median segment into two may have unintended consequences U-turns are not legal at this intersection, but Waze may route a U-turn here anyway. Cutting the median breaks condition #1, so U-turn prevention will not trigger. Furthermore, BDP might not trigger here if all of its criteria are not met.
U-turn example curvedU.png A median segment 16 meters (52.49 feet) or longer will always allow a U-turn While condition #3 requires a straight segment for determining parallel in and out segments, condition #2 is the measure of the length of the median segment itself. Be careful when the space between the divided road is small. Ensure the U-turn segment is 16 meters (52.49 feet) or longer by adjusting geometry. A median segment of any shape can trigger a U-turn penalty between parallel roads if it is not long enough.
U-turn example parkinglot.png To ensure proper routing between two closely spaced parallel roads, connect the two with a segment 16 meters (52.49 feet) or longer U-turn prevention triggers for both double-left and double-right turns over any road type. If the three conditions for median U-turn prevention are met, a large penalty will be applied, irrespective of whether the turn is onto the same road in the opposite direction or onto a completely different road. Both double-left and double-right turns can be penalized, regardless of country, and can occur for one way or two way segments.