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What is Wazeopedia

The Global Wazeopedia is an encyclopedia for Waze Map Editors. It is a compendium of everything that any Waze Map Editor anywhere in the world might need to know or learn about how editing the Waze Map affects the Waze experience. It is written in simplified English and is a resource for editors from all over the world. There are several parts to this Wazeopedia:

  • Table of Contents to help editors find the type of information they need.
  • Links to Local Wikis A guide to finding the guidance, best practices, and community organization for any editor’s local area (links OUT from global wazeopedias to local wazeopedias)
  • The WME Interface and editor profiles A comprehensive guide to the WME interface and functions, including what is working as designed as well as notes on known / observed differences from behavior designed /described by staff. Information on throttling and other map-protection mechanisms implemented by the waze team as part of the editing interface.
  • Basic Editing Information Simple descriptions, written in simple English with illustrations, of the basic skills beginning editors all over the world will need to master.
  • How Waze Works All non-proprietary information about search, routing, penalties, storage of traffic data, the effect of road types, when / how map data is uploaded to the servers used by the app and livemap, etc, with notes on known / observed differences from behavior designed / described by staff
  • The Global Editing Community Information on points, edit count, and rank. A description of how self-managed and non-self-managed communities handle ranks and promotion, including the relationship between edit count, editing skill, and rank in these communities. What can be done when editors make edits do not meet local guidance. Important concepts such as global and local champs, country managers and area managers, and how editors can get in contact with their local communities. Might / maybe include links back to the Links to Local Wikis page(s).

What to do when Waze or WME does not work When WME is down, when the routing server does not respond, when the search results do not agree with what the global wazeopedia states about How Waze Works -- what to do / who to contact, when to do something and when to do nothing. Might / maybe include links to Links to Local Wikis or Waze Support pages. The Beta Testing Community Basic information about beta testing and links to how to apply to join the beta testing communities. Information for New Communities - Information and links to more information useful to communities just setting up their community organization, local wiki, looking for useful reference to how other communities organize themselves, and the types of editing guidance used in a variety of mapping / cultural circumstances. Might / maybe include links back to the Links to Local Wikis page(s) and Basic Editing Information. Information for Experts Links OUT to more information that might not belong in the global wazeopedia. Information about how editors can begin learn more about expert-level topics and develop expertise themselves. Note on current contents of pages nominated as global: Currently, there is no categorization of “global” wiki pages, and no table of contents, so it is difficult for editors to know where to begin and where to end. This can change. Many pages fit into more than one of these categories and / or contain information that is not global. Some of these pages can be taken apart, and the useful pieces put together differently.