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* As a first step, try asking our system your question on www.waze.com/support
#REDIRECT [[Road_types/USA#Parking_Lot_Road]]
* You can [mailto:alpha@waze.com email Waze] and get a reply
* Replies may be basic but in most cases a comprehensive and complete solution
* Make sure to include your Waze username, your phone model and the Waze app version
* A [[Map_Editing#To_get_the_SuperPermalink:|Superpermalink]] to the area and route on the Livemap or Cartouche are often very helpful
* Screenshots can be very useful - on the iPhone hold down the Wake and Home buttons together
* Please describe what you expect to happen, and describe what actually happened
* Can you reproduce the problem? Can you describe the steps you took to reproduce the problem? So then Waze can reproduce the problem too, and know when it is fixed

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