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When using [[Map_Editing_(new_Editor)#Editing_Manual|Waze Map Editor]] or [[Cartouche]] there are a number of keyboard shortcuts available to make editing the map a bit easier if you don't like to use the mouse as much.
#REDIRECT [[Your Rank and Points#Bonus_points_and_road_goodies]]
==Waze Map Editor shortcuts==
Below are the default keyboard shortcuts for the Waze Map Editor. You can customize some keyboard shortcuts by bringing up the keyboard shortcuts help window (with the ? key), select a shortcut and then press the single key you want to use instead of the default one. This affects the current browser and computer only. This shortcut information is not stored on the server, so you would have to repeat this for each computer and browser you use.
{{Keyboard shortcuts WME}}
==Cartouche shortcuts==
The following keyboard shortcuts are available in the older Cartouche editor.
{{Keyboard shortcuts Cartouche}}

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