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If you are a new editor, start out right by getting advice from your local experts.  This means starting with the area manager(s) for your editing areas.  Increasingly, this information is found in the [[Countries_and_Languages|Country wiki pages]], or in the [http://www.waze.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=19 country forums].  You can also search the wiki for the name of your region, province, or state.  For example, [[Texas]] lists the [[Texas#Editors_in_the_State|editors in the state]] and [[Canada#Area.2FCountry_Managers|Canada]] lists the area managers for the entire country. Some countries, states, or provinces might list their area managers in their part of [http://www.waze.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=19 the Country (Language) Forum].
#REDIRECT [[Update_Requests_in_Waze_Map_Editor#Communication]]
Area managers are also listed right in the Waze Map Editor in the "Area Manager" layer [[File:layers.png|20px]]. If you have the [[Extensions#UR_Overview_Plus_.28URO.2B.29|UR Overview+]] [[extensions|extension]] you can see the list of area managers by selecting the URO+ tab.  If you are using the [[Extensions#WME_Toolbox|WME Toolbox]], you can find the list of area managers by selecting any segment or place and using the "Get the list of Area Managers" link in the left-hand information pane.
If you cannot find the area manager information for your editing area, ask for help in Chat.

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