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* [http://www.un.org/Depts/Cartographic/map/profile/zambia.pdf This map from the United Nations], showing approximate locations of cities. Here is an [https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8XSVQjhOMijSG1QRVljUFJORVE alternate download link] for the map.
* [http://www.un.org/Depts/Cartographic/map/profile/zambia.pdf This map from the United Nations], showing approximate locations of cities. Here is an [https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8XSVQjhOMijSG1QRVljUFJORVE alternate download link] for the map.
* The text of the [http://www.parliament.gov.zm/sites/default/files/documents/acts/Roads%20and%20Road%20Traffic%20Act.pdf Roads and Road Traffic Act]. Jump to page 159 to see a list of road names connecting places in Zambia.
* The text of the [http://www.parliament.gov.zm/sites/default/files/documents/acts/Roads%20and%20Road%20Traffic%20Act.pdf Roads and Road Traffic Act]. Jump to page 159 to see a list of road names connecting places in Zambia.
* Locations of place names from the US government [http://geonames.nga.mil/namesgaz/ name search] and [http://geonames.nga.mil/namesviewer/ map]. You can use the lat/lon in these lists to construct a URL like this: [https://www.waze.com/editor/?lat=-17.079508&lon=26.573027&zoom=7 https://www.waze.com/editor/?lat=-17.079508&lon=26.573027&zoom=7] and zoom in on a place. You can combine this with information you get from other sources.
'''NOT allowed sources:'''[[File:SV street label.png|thumbnail|right]]
'''NOT allowed sources:'''[[File:SV street label.png|thumbnail|right]]

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Mega MapRaid! Zambia
Start: November 1st (Wednesday) 10:00 UTC End: November 14th (Tuesday) 22:00 UTC
Pick your language
Spanish French

A “MapRaid” is a time limited, joint effort of a community, to improve the condition of the map. Veteran editors mentor new editors, and together they bring the map in the area to perfection.

Open to all ranks.


  1. Create new roads where there is no basemap [Primary Goal]
  2. Fix basemap roads (including moving the roads to the correct places and ensuring connectivity) [Secondary Goal]
  3. Solve long distance routing issues
  4. Update pending Places
  5. Solve Update Requests and Map Problems
  6. Add important bodies of water, including Lake Kariba, Zambezi River, Kafue River and Luangwa River


EdItor Rank Role
elphix (PM) 6 MapRaid Coordinator
LeighGr (PM) 6 MapRaid Coordinator
OrbitC (PM) 6 MapRaid Coordinator


We will use these two methods to communicate:

  • Waze's official but limited chat within WME (be sure to choose the Zambia chat room in the chat window)
  • Primary communication language is English as we have editors from 47 different countries. Please ask for help if you need help with translation

Raid Areas and Groups

Zambia has ten provinces; we’ve divided the raid into roughly those ten provinces

1- Western 2- North Western
3- Southern 4- Lusaka
5- Central 6- Copperbelt
7- Eastern 8- Luapula
9- Northern 10- Muchinga
  • Use this overlay for WME to view the boundaries of the mapraid groups. via an extra layer. Keep in mind that the border is very rough and cannot be used to precisely define the national boundaries.
  • To use the overlay, you must first have TamperMonkey (Chrome) or Greasemonkey (Firefox) installed.
Editor Rank Group Country
aamazotr (PM) Rank 2 2 Colombia
ab212 (PM) Rank 4 7 Pakistan
AdamoSk (PM) Rank 3 7 Poland
airchair (PM) Rank 3 8 United States
AJSmoke (PM) Rank 3 9 United States
ale304 (PM) Rank 2 6 Italy
alemenezes (PM) Rank 3 1 Brazil
AlifAndi (PM) Rank 2 3 Indonesia
ancho85 (PM) Rank 4 8 Paraguay
andrcondon (PM) Rank 6 6 Uruguay
andresoaresdiniz (PM) Rank 2 1 Brazil
Andresparra78 (PM) Rank 4 6 Colombia
angelozSpeedy (PM) Rank 2 7 Italy
anikj (PM) Rank 2 2 India
antoineldz (PM) Rank 1 6 France
Aquivoyllendo (PM) Rank 3 7 Colombia
aragonns (PM) Rank 3 8 Colombia
arfanieyanu (PM) Rank 3 2 Indonesia
arielbalado (PM) Rank 4 10 Argentina
Armyevil (PM) Rank 2 3 Colombia
as0157 (PM) Rank 4 8 Malaysia
aureozb (PM) Rank 4 9 Angola
Awar1965 (PM) Rank 3 8 Poland
azizmustika (PM) Rank 3 3 Indonesia
Babbegeier (PM) Rank 3 9 Germany
Bac1022 (PM) Rank 3 10 United States
BellHouse (PM) Rank 6 6 Germany
bellojt (PM) Rank 3 4 South Africa
Bernym23 (PM) Rank 4 10 Costa Rica
BertZZZZ (PM) Rank 4 6 Belgium
biuick84 (PM) Rank 3 2 Brazil
Bm36ers (PM) Rank 2 4 Indonesia
Bogey2 (PM) Rank 4 4 Netherlands
boonie-oet-gelaen (PM) Rank 4 5 Netherlands
bretmcvey (PM) Rank 6 4 United States
buckeyemondo (PM) Rank 3 1 United States
BumbleBee222 (PM) Rank 4 5 France
BummerDude69 (PM) Rank 4 4 United States
burgher_2 (PM) Rank 3 2 United States
bwawsc (PM) Rank 3 3 United States
cafri (PM) Rank 4 5 Israel
Caguilera1 (PM) Rank 4 9 Honduras
caltedde (PM) Rank 6 2 Brazil
cambridgemc (PM) Rank 2 3 United States
camil0rti2 (PM) Rank 2 4 Colombia
Camilo-ro (PM) Rank 3 9 Colombia
Carlosjanani (PM) Rank 2 4 Mexico
carlosmendoza1961 (PM) Rank 5 6 Venezuela
casvv (PM) Rank 3 9 Netherlands
ceturi (PM) Rank 3 4 Argentina
Challenger3802 (PM) Rank 4 10 India
chatoW (PM) Rank 3 5 Argentina
ChristiaanPonsen (PM) Rank 2 6 Netherlands
Coloradotom123 (PM) Rank 3 4 United States
Confedyank (PM) Rank 3 5 United States
CoolCityCat (PM) Rank 4 9 Malaysia
Corentin-48 (PM) Rank 4 6 France
cripaga (PM) Rank 2 8 Italy
cruiserccl (PM) Rank 6 10 Romania
ct13 (PM) Rank 6 5 United States
cuaim (PM) Rank 3 6 Malaysia
D39andrew (PM) Rank 3 6 United States
damaultz (PM) Rank 5 1 Malaysia
daref8 (PM) Rank 3 7 United States
DaveAcincy (PM) Rank 2 4 United States
davidec71 (PM) Rank 2 9 Italy
Davio90 (PM) Rank 4 6 Italy
dbcm (PM) Rank 5 5 Portugal
desoleh (PM) Rank 5 2 Indonesia
dfrios (PM) Rank 3 10 Colombia
DL4994 (PM) Rank 5 10 Latvia
doctorblah (PM) Rank 4 5 United States
drie_ganbet (PM) Rank 5 3 Indonesia
DruDoyle (PM) Rank 4 6 United States
dspille (PM) Rank 4 7 United States
eaglejm7 (PM) Rank 3 8 United States
eddysanthos (PM) Rank 4 8 Brazil
Electrozulu (PM) Rank 5 6 South Africa
Ellefolk (PM) Rank 4 1 Argentina
elpan_9 (PM) Rank 3 4 Nicaragua
elphix (PM) Rank 6 1 South Africa
emchun5 (PM) Rank 2 5 United States
EmilGz (PM) Rank 3 9 United States
Emmejiaa84 (PM) Rank 1 3 Colombia
evan_chk (PM) Rank 4 1 Indonesia
fanioz (PM) Rank 2 5 Indonesia
FaraonMartinez (PM) Rank 3 8 Mexico
faromasa (PM) Rank 4 9 Brazil
FastestBeef (PM) Rank 4 8 United States
fensouna (PM) Rank 4 2 Indonesia
fer.caballero (PM) Rank 4 8 Spain
fermario73 (PM) Rank 5 8 Argentina
fernandoagar (PM) Rank 4 9 Spain
FidelisWaruwu (PM) Rank 1 7 Indonesia
fjsawicki (PM) Rank 5 10 United States
FOARon (PM) Rank 3 10 United States
freesoft (PM) Rank 3 6 Uruguay
FTP13 (PM) Rank 3 5 South Africa
fuchserl (PM) Rank 6 1 Austria
fweewayze94 (PM) Rank 2 6 United States
G_sebastien (PM) Rank 4 3 Tunisia
gaetanaga (PM) Rank 5 7 Italy
gandalik543 (PM) Rank 3 9 Poland
GBelvino (PM) Rank 5 1 Brazil
GeekDriverPeaceful (PM) Rank 3 1 United States
GerardterBeke (PM) Rank 3 10 Netherlands
GFM_Danny (PM) Rank 6 7 Indonesia
ggrane (PM) Rank 5 1 United States
GLadi83 (PM) Rank 4 10 Poland
glodenox (PM) Rank 4 7 Belgium
GOKazanski (PM) Rank 3 6 Argentina
grzewal (PM) Rank 3 10 Poland
gunnedb (PM) Rank 1 1 Belgium
Happy_Lyn (PM) Rank 3 2 United States
Harko72 (PM) Rank 1 8 Netherlands
HenkBaarn (PM) Rank 3 1 Netherlands
HS4sfx (PM) Rank 4 3 Indonesia
hurja (PM) Rank 4 10 Sweden
IPC1007 (PM) Rank 5 7 Venezuela
Izba97 (PM) Rank 2 9 Poland
JaazzBoo (PM) Rank 4 9 United States
jack_hmr (PM) Rank 3 3 United States
jarkaz (PM) Rank 5 2 Poland
javiercr75 (PM) Rank 5 5 Costa Rica
javivaser (PM) Rank 3 1 Colombia
jbdomien (PM) Rank 5 10 Guadeloupe
JBLegarreta (PM) Rank 4 1 Mexico
jcglazo (PM) Rank 5 1 Guatemala
Jchiarav (PM) Rank 5 9 Argentina
jcnina (PM) Rank 5 4 Uruguay
JDeLosa (PM) Rank 5 2 United States
Jeeping31 (PM) Rank 1 2 United States
jefresongil (PM) Rank 6 3 Brazil
Jhawkbeermaker (PM) Rank 2 7 United States
jjczon (PM) Rank 3 4 United States
Jkl5 (PM) Rank 3 5 Israel
jm6087 (PM) Rank 5 3 United States
joakr3 (PM) Rank 4 1 Sweden
joeliets (PM) Rank 4 4 Indonesia
Joerodriguez12 (PM) Rank 4 10 United States
John_Calcano (PM) Rank 5 8 Dominican Republic
Johnsninja58 (PM) Rank 5 4 United States
jorge_chinchilla (PM) Rank 5 6 Costa Rica
JoshJMM (PM) Rank 5 5 United States
jr1982jr (PM) Rank 5 6 United States
juliansean (PM) Rank 4 1 United States
julioprju (PM) Rank 3 10 Guatemala
jwe252 (PM) Rank 5 7 United States
kahlcolimon (PM) Rank 4 7 Colombia
Kitof84 (PM) Rank 4 7 France
KombiJavier263 (PM) Rank 1 8 Argentina
krema10 (PM) Rank 5 10 Argentina
Larryhayes7 (PM) Rank 3 5 United States
lbrugal (PM) Rank 5 9 Dominican Republic
LeandroBlankenheim (PM) Rank 4 10 Brazil
lega5000 (PM) Rank 3 7 Venezuela
LeighGr (PM) Rank 6 2 South Africa
leinerg (PM) Rank 4 1 Costa Rica
Leoguana85 (PM) Rank 2 5 Colombia
Leonardop448 (PM) Rank 2 6 Colombia
Leoomaxii (PM) Rank 1 9 Argentina
LI7HIUM (PM) Rank 2 8 Argentina
lilmamachris29 (PM) Rank 2 8 United States
lucaschess100 (PM) Rank 5 8 Venezuela
lukasjansen (PM) Rank 2 10 Belgium
Lukasz (PM) Rank 5 3 Poland
lumrive (PM) Rank 3 7 Dominican Republic
Machete808 (PM) Rank 5 8 United States
madcatvt (PM) Rank 3 6 United States
MaFeQuiLo (PM) Rank 3 2 Colombia
magnacartic (PM) Rank 3 7 Malaysia
MapSir (PM) Rank 6 8 Israel
Marcel996 (PM) Rank 4 1 Poland
marcosb61 (PM) Rank 5 2 Brazil
MarcosDSCI (PM) Rank 3 3 Brazil
martinros61 (PM) Rank 3 6 South Africa
Maruskk (PM) Rank 3 4 Brazil
Masrinb (PM) Rank 2 2 Malaysia
MattKo (PM) Rank 5 8 Switzerland
mauroa2k (PM) Rank 1 4 Colombia
mciolfi (PM) Rank 3 5 Brazil
Michelle-s (PM) Rank 5 9 United States
Micu75 (PM) Rank 4 5 Romania
mihaianu (PM) Rank 3 2 Romania
Mike_2985 (PM) Rank 4 8 France
Mjimeno (PM) Rank 3 8 Dominican Republic
MladenT90 (PM) Rank 2 1 UAE
mmilliron501 (PM) Rank 2 9 United States
Moquehue (PM) Rank 3 7 Argentina
mousepl (PM) Rank 6 6 Poland
Mr-Blonde (PM) Rank 2 10 United States
MrByte_OnTheRoad (PM) Rank 5 10 United States
MrCaffeen (PM) Rank 2 9 Australia
Mrmoodxb (PM) Rank 2 2 UAE
mthijs (PM) Rank 1 2 Belgium
mungod (PM) Rank 3 8 Argentina
MvanBaal (PM) Rank 4 6 Netherlands
mykoza (PM) Rank 1 10 Poland
n4dog (PM) Rank 5 1 United States
NalaKarokaro (PM) Rank 5 4 Indonesia
nanakara (PM) Rank 4 2 Poland
narinavz (PM) Rank 1 1 South Africa
Nazride (PM) Rank 2 10 France
NHMapGuy (PM) Rank 2 1 United States
nicolascs (PM) Rank 2 7 Colombia
NightMare_PL (PM) Rank 2 10 Poland
Nimbus- (PM) Rank 5 2 United States
Nnr80 (PM) Rank 2 3 Malaysia
Nocola2002 (PM) Rank 1 3 United States
nocommenta (PM) Rank 4 6 Slovakia
NorfolkMustard (PM) Rank 5 9 United Kingdom
Okrauss (PM) Rank 5 5 Israel
omacek (PM) Rank 5 4 Poland
orbitc (PM) Rank 6 7 United States
Paliano (PM) Rank 5 8 Italy
Parapau (PM) Rank 1 5 Colombia
PaulClev (PM) Rank 3 7 United States
Petersilie1955 (PM) Rank 4 3 Poland
PeterVindevogel (PM) Rank 3 10 Belgium
petkr4 (PM) Rank 4 2 Sweden
pituleproso (PM) Rank 3 9 Argentina
pjjvstrien (PM) Rank 2 7 Netherlands
Poncewattle (PM) Rank 5 3 United States
ppmjedi (PM) Rank 5 7 South Africa
PsstDizel (PM) Rank 4 4 Canada
qazxcvbnmm (PM) Rank 4 5 Canada
Querubinds (PM) Rank 4 8 Colombia
R_J07 (PM) Rank 4 2 Argentina
rafacintron (PM) Rank 4 2 Dominican Republic
rain101 (PM) Rank 4 3 Estonia
Rainman3699 (PM) Rank 3 8 United States
RalphDeLeeuw (PM) Rank 2 8 Netherlands
RaptorGuyInNC (PM) Rank 5 4 United States
Raqem (PM) Rank 2 2 United States
RCK04 (PM) Rank 2 3 United States
Rcmz71 (PM) Rank 4 1 Brazil
RedZr0669 (PM) Rank 2 5 Morocco
restless_in_nb (PM) Rank 5 3 Canada
ReuberNinja (PM) Rank 3 9 United States
Rfrsw101 (PM) Rank 5 5 United States
Richardc7 (PM) Rank 3 3 Colombia
Rigobert-7 (PM) Rank 3 6 Panama
RIMAJUES (PM) Rank 6 4 Colombia
Rising_Sun (PM) Rank 4 10 Malaysia
rjvaneyk (PM) Rank 3 2 Netherlands
Robert04101 (PM) Rank 5 6 United States
RodeNinja (PM) Rank 3 10 United States
ropaswan (PM) Rank 4 2 United States
rub-fig (PM) Rank 4 3 Argentina
ruffrdr (PM) Rank 2 4 United States
ruspicioni (PM) Rank 5 9 Italy
russblau (PM) Rank 5 7 United States
S2D187 (PM) Rank 3 7 South Africa
SanD-82 (PM) Rank 1 10 Argentina
sbrenes73 (PM) Rank 3 6 Costa Rica
scheibemx (PM) Rank 4 2 Mexico
sikemever (PM) Rank 4 3 United States
SirAguilera (PM) Rank 3 4 Colombia
Skorpiano (PM) Rank 4 4 Argentina
SkyviewGuru (PM) Rank 5 8 United States
slayman (PM) Rank 4 5 Argentina
SMouraJr (PM) Rank 3 6 Brazil
Solismovil1 (PM) Rank 5 7 Costa Rica
sorin100 (PM) Rank 5 6 Israel
SparkeyinVA (PM) Rank 3 1 United States
StanisBR (PM) Rank 4 2 Brazil
steelpanz (PM) Rank 3 2 United States
StefanoMarchispeedy (PM) Rank 4 7 Italy
steveinark (PM) Rank 5 9 United States
Stolnaya (PM) Rank 3 3 Netherlands
superguru75 (PM) Rank 2 10 Italy
tcalvert317 (PM) Rank 5 10 United States
tckma (PM) Rank 3 3 United States
thanior (PM) Rank 2 1 Hungary
TheChrisK (PM) Rank 5 1 United States
TheWatcherMx (PM) Rank 4 3 Mexico
ThiesvanLoon (PM) Rank 1 9 Netherlands
tigamoro (PM) Rank 3 5 Colombia
Tiidu (PM) Rank 4 4 Estonia
Tinfoilhattie (PM) Rank 3 4 United States
titorios82 (PM) Rank 3 5 Nicaragua
tresierra (PM) Rank 4 9 Peru
TRIANAV77 (PM) Rank 4 9 Colombia
twilde42 (PM) Rank 2 5 United States
ulle2 (PM) Rank 6 3 Sweden
ursobranco4467 (PM) Rank 4 3 Brazil
ursu84 (PM) Rank 3 3 Romania
uscwaller (PM) Rank 5 2 United States
vasalno (PM) Rank 4 4 Reunion
vhf-orra-ag28 (PM) Rank 4 7 South Africa
vincio60 (PM) Rank 6 9 Italy
viniv1 (PM) Rank 5 5 Uruguay
voludu2 (PM) Rank 5 3 United States
vvk11 (PM) Rank 3 1 Poland
WallyGT06 (PM) Rank 3 1 Guatemala
WalterDenis2014 (PM) Rank 6 5 Colombia
WazieQ (PM) Rank 2 6 United States
willdanneriv (PM) Rank 3 5 United States
Willyrobre (PM) Rank 2 1 Italy
wrocco (PM) Rank 5 4 Chile
yjanayas (PM) Rank 2 8 Colombia
YourEvilTwinFTW (PM) Rank 2 7 United States
YustinusWaruwu (PM) Rank 3 4 Indonesia
Zeiky (PM) Rank 2 9 Colombia

MapRaid Guidance

Before you edit

  • NewSettingsTAB.png
    Use the settings tab (gear icon on the right).
  • WME preferences world metric.png
    Advanced Preferences: Check all boxes
    Units: Metric
    Environment: World
    Language: Choose your language
Left-hand Traffic (LHT)
Left-hand Traffic (LHT)

In countries like the South Africa, United Kingdom, and Australia, the following terms are commonly used to describe the rule of the road for these countries:

  • Left-hand traffic (LHT) - Traffic position
  • Keep to the Left - Traffic position
  • Drive on the Left - Traffic position
  • Right-hand drive (RHD) - Driver position

Zambia is a Left-hand Traffic (LHT) country. For more about this, please read Rule of the road.

Improve major connectivity

Interconnection between major Zambian towns and cities has been identified as a major routing issue. We need to check the routes that connect the towns and cities. Many times, highways are interrupted by lower level streets, and Waze cannot calculate a long distance route.

Known interconnection issues
Fix the T1 between Livingstone and Choma
Start End
Choma Livingstone
Kabwe Kitwe
Ndola Solwezi
Chinsali Anywhere
Nyimba Chipata
Solwezi Mwinilungu

Add Roads, Remove Roads, Check Arrows, Confirm "soft" Turns

Correcting base map

In many places, the base map needs to be corrected. Some segments were created long ago when imagery was not as good as it is today. Alignment and road types are important factors to make sure are correct.

Add missing roads

Please read the simple quick-start guide for a guideline on adding new roads.

If you notice any roads on the satellite layer that have not been added to the WME map, please add them. Make sure the road is complete, drivable and is connected to the rest of the road network. Some clues you can use to confirm smaller roads are:
  • GPS layer showing Wazers are driving on the road.
  • Information from local drivers who have been there (this can be you if you have been there).

Many roads are not surfaced (i.e. they are gravel roads). Use the "unpaved" checkbox only on "Street" road type. NEVER use the "unmaintained" road type. See #Unsurfaced Roads below for more on this.

Divide Highways

This highway median is > 5m wide. Draw it divided.

If you are adding a new road whch will be classified as mH or higher and is wide enough for median segments at intersections to be >5m, you need to create two one-way segments. You can open Advanced Preferences and uncheck the box for "Draw new roads as two-way" to help with this.

Highways which were on the map before the mapraid began are already divided if they need to be. If you find an "old" highway that you think needs to be divided, please contact a mapraid leader. We follow the guidelines in this presentation when dividing roads to save traffic data in both directions.

Solve URs and MPs

When responding to URs, you have a few choices. You can use Google Translate or ask in our MapRaid Discord channel.


Please add bodies of water which are important for helping drivers orient themselves as they navigate with Waze. These include Lake Kariba, Zambezi River and Luangwa River. In general, roads are more important than bodies of water. If you have questions, please contact your group leaders.

Speed Limits

Do not add speed limits. It is NOT a goal of this mapraid. Some roads may have speed limits which were verified by eye or from UR. Do not change speed limits unless you can verify the presence (or absence) of a sign.

Road Classification

Road Type Name Example Name type Lock Level
 Freeway  T2 Tx 5
 Major Highway  M9 Mx 5
 Minor Highway  D170 Dxxx 3
 Primary Street  Haile Selassie Ave Conventional Name 2
 Street  Lufupa Rd Conventional Name 1
 Ramp  None

Unsurfaced Roads

Use the "Unpaved" checkbox
DO NOT use the road type "Offroad / 4x4". Use the most appropriate road type for routing.

Do NOT use the unpaved checkbox for road types Primary Street and up. Only use the unpaved checkbox for segments of type "Street". Here is an example of a major highway which is not surfaced, but is not marked unpaved. This is to allow good routing.

Only add streets which motorized vehicles can use. Do not add roads which are not passable, not wide enough, etc.


Zambia follows the global standards for road abbreviations and acronyms.

Common examples found in Zambia are as follows:

Type Abbreviation
Avenue Ave
Boulevard Blvd
Circle Cir
Drive Dr
Street St
Road Rd
Way Way

Tools for this MapRaid

Editing Resources

Only use sources that are allowed by Waze. Allowed sources:

NOT allowed sources:
SV street label.png
  • Information from other maps
  • Google Maps
  • Google Street View
  • Street names which appear in WME street view images (these come from Google Maps, and are sometimes wrong)

Warning: If you copy information from unauthorized sources, you may be removed from this mapraid. Also, every segment you edited may be removed from the map. Copying information from copyrighted sources is illegal!

Specific tools for this MapRaid

  • Use this overlay for WME to view the boundaries of the mapraid groups. via an extra layer. Keep in mind that the border is very rough and cannot be used to precisely define the national boundaries.
  • To use the overlay, you must first have TamperMonkey (Chrome) or Greasemonkey (Firefox) installed.

Highly recommended scripts

These tools are all scripts that will help you make better use of the information available to you in WME. For this mapraid, the following are highly recommended. You are responsible for learning what they do and using them appropriately.

WME Magic

  • Tampermonkey plugin that will help you spot basemap problems more quickly. Ask group leaders for best basemap settings.


WME Toolbox

  • Helps you spot 2-segment loops, segments with undefined direction, and "soft nodes" with unconfirmed turns, and has other tools available for higher-ranked editors. Some tools are not working following recent WME changes.

Junction Angle Info

Street View Availability

Please remember that you are responsible for edits made through the use of scripts. Always understand what the script does before using it! There is a wiki page and a forum with more information.

How To

Introduction to Basemap Editing