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When a user is routed through an unnamed segment, Waze will automatically use the name of the next named segment on the route (name inheritance). This is useful for getting instructions on ramps and turn lanes. This, however, can be confusing in other areas, like large parking lots.

Conditions for name inheritance

When Waze gives driving directions to turn, exit, or "keep" onto an unnamed segment, it will look for a name it can use. If there is a named segment further along your route, it will use (inherit) that name in the instruction. This always works for freeways and ramps.

As of January 2015, on all other road types, this feature only works if:

  1. the length of the unnamed segments is shorter than 400m,
  2. there are no more than 4 unnamed segments in a row.

If the unnamed segments taken together are longer than 400 meter, or if there are 4 or more unnamed segments in a row, Waze will NOT show or speak a name in the instructions.


Inheritance exit ramp.PNG
exit ramp
If a freeway exit ramp leads to a fork in the road, you can leave the name off of the exit ramp. Only name the segments which go to a specific destination. Waze will use the name of the next named segment after the unnamed exit ramp. This is only useful if the sign for the exit is the same as the sign for the next named segment.
Connecting street between the lanes of a divided highway
If routing from segment A (US-202 N) over the unnamed segment, Waze will use (inherit) the name of the next segment B in the instruction: "Go left to Beta Blvd" If routing from segment C (US-202 S) over the unnamed segment, Waze will use (inherit) the name of the next segment D in the instruction "Go left to Delaney Dr".
parking lot with unnamed roads
If the route leads from unnamed parking lot roads to a named road outside the parking lot, Waze might use the road name in instructions for turns INSIDE the parking. This is confusing for drivers. It is a drawback of the feature. For example, coming from segment A, if the next turn is a left to segment 1, and than right to segment 2 (Main Street), Waze will give the instruction to turn left at segment onto Main Street, while still in the middle of the parking lot road...