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Editing Ranks

Rank Description Notes
-1 System, or Basemap import
0 New user
2 Area Manager

IGN editor

3 Over 50,000 edits

IGN editor

4 Over 100,000 edits
6 Waze admins

Editing permissions

Locked segments

When an editor locks a segment, it currently has two functions.

Automatic adjustments

A locked segment will not be changed by GPS tracks both in terms of geometry and directionality.

Editing ability

A locked segment cannot be changed by an editor of a rank lower than that of the locking editor, or the rank of the editor who last edited the segment.

Locked junctions

A junction is considered to be locked when all segments which connect to that junction are locked.

Area Managers

Area Managers can override any locked segments, even if a segment is locked by an editor of higher rank