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Here is the global guidance on selecting Area or Point for Places in the Waze Map Editor.
Here is the global guidance on selecting Area or Point for Places in the Waze Map Editor.
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|Car Wash
|Car Wash

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Here is the global guidance on selecting Area or Point for Places in the Waze Map Editor.

Category Type Comments
Car Wash Point
Garage / Automotive Shop Point
Gas Station Voting is tied between Point and Area. Possibly size-dependent, but also depends on the future of parking lot roads and jam suppression.
Parking Lots Both Large parking lots can be Area, but small, urban parking lots are better mapped as Point.
Airport Area Special-handling
Bridge Area
Bus Station Point
Ferry Pier Point
Junction / Interchange Area
Seaport / Marina / Harbor Area Size-dependent.
Subway Station Point
Taxi Station Point
Train Station Point
Tunnel Area
Cemetery Area
City Hall Point
College / University Area
Conventions / Event Center Area Size-dependent
Courthouse Point
Embassy / Consulate Area
Factory / Industrial Both Size-dependent
Fire Department Point
Government Point
Hospital / Medical Center Area
Information Point Point
Kindergarten Point
Library Point
Military Area
Offices Both Size-dependent
Organization or Association Point
Police Station Point
Prison / Correctional Facility Area
Post Office Point
Religious Center Point
School Area
Arts & Crafts Point
ATM Point
Bank / Financial Point
Bookstore Point
Car Dealership Point Size-dependent
Car Rental Point
Convenience Store Point
Currency Exchange Point
Department Store Point
Electronics Point
Fashion and Clothing Point
Flowers Point
Furniture / Home Store Point
Gifts Point
Hardware Store Point
Jewelry Point
Laundry / Dry Cleaning Point
Market Point
Music Store Point
Personal Care Point
Pet Store / Veterinarian Point
Pharmacy Point
Photography Point
Shopping Center Area
Sporting Goods Point
Supermarket / Grocery Point Standalone could be an Area, but a Point if it is part of larger shopping mall/center.
Swimming Pool Point
Toy Store Point
Travel Agency Point
Bakery Point
Bar Point
Cafe Point
Dessert Point
Fast Food Point
Food Court Point
Ice Cream Point
Restaurant Point
Art Gallery Point
Casino Area Large hotel-casinos perhaps could be Area Places.
Club Point
Game Club Point
Movie Theater Point
Museum Point
Music Venue Point
Performing Arts Venue Point
Racing Track Area
Stadium / Arena Area
Theme Park Area
Theater Point
Tourist Attraction / Historic Site Point Size-dependent
Zoo / Aquarium Area Size-dependent
Construction Site Area Not necessary to be mapped.
Residence / Home NONE Not to be mapped
Bed & Breakfast Point
Camping / Trailer Park Area Size-dependent
Cottage / Cabin Point
Hostel Point
Hotel Point
Beach Area
Golf Course Area
Park Area
Playground Point
Plaza Point
Promenade Point Unsure about mapping these at all
Pool Point
Scenic Lookout / Viewpoint Point
Ski Area Area
Sports Court Point
Forest / Grove Area Only map official state/national forests, not every stand of trees.
Island Area
River / Stream Area
Sea / Lake / Pond Area