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WME Toolbox is a browser extension originally written by [[User:OyyoDams|OyyoDams]] that adds functionality to [[Waze Map Editor]]. Since September 2014 it is maintained by a developer team around [[User:doctorkb|doctorkb]].
#REDIRECT [[Road_names/USA#Name_changes_without_an_intersection]]
===Install WME Toolbox===
Toolbox is available for:
* [http://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/wme-toolbox/ihebciailciabdiknfomleeccodkdejn?hl=en Chrome]
* [http://gitlab.com/doctorkb/wme-toolbox-public/raw/master/Dist/Firefox/wmetoolbox.xpi Firefox]
* [http://gitlab.com/doctorkb/wme-toolbox-public/raw/master/Dist/Safari/wmetoolbox.safariextz Safari] (coming soon)
===Update WME Toolbox===
WME Toolbox will alert you each time a new version is ready.
If you've enabled auto update of your extensions in your browser, Toolbox should be automatically updated when a new version is ready. However, you can force extension update. Please refer to your browser manual.
In case of error with update system, just remove WME Toolbox and install it again.
===WME Toolbox features===
{{Throttle warn}}
Since release 1.6.0 (June 2015), the permissions to use the individual tools can be set per country. The active permissions of the current release are listed in a [https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-HvQFWh-ZxPU76KXGFyfBb-Ot_10GkL5Wrkea1yhUZs/edit#gid=1817124510 GoogleDoc].
* [[File:Toolbox_Auto_Hide_Sidebar.png|20px]] Function to hide the left sidebar
* [[File:Toolbox_Enable_Highlights.png|20px]] Toggle for Toolbox highlights
* [[File:Toolbox_Minimap.png|20px]] [[Extension:WME_Toolbox/MiniMap|Dynamic mini-map]] toggle
* [[File:Toolbox_Config_Panel.png|20px]] [[Extension:WME_Toolbox/Configuration_Panel|Configuration panel]] for the plugin options
* [[File:Toolbox_Keyboard_Shortcuts.png|20px]] Quick access to keyboard shortcuts editor
* [[File:Toolbox_Select_Segments.PNG|20px]] Select segments panel to enable multi-selection based on filters
* [[File:Toolbox_Select_Places.png|20px]] Select places panel
* [[File:Toolbox_Measurement_Tool.png|20px]] [[Extension:WME_Toolbox/Measurement_Tool|Measurement tool]] for segments and places plus a basic ruler
* [[File:Toolbox_Properties_Editor.png|20px]] Properties editor panel to modify several segments at a time
* [[File:Toolbox_Copy_Segment_Attributes.png|20px]] Copy segment attributes
* [[File:Toolbox_Clear_Road_Geometry.png|20px]] Clear road geometry
* [[File:Toolbox_Cut_Segment.png|20px]] Cut segment into two
* [[File:Toolbox_Select_Roundabout.png|20px]] Select all roundabout segments
* [[File:Toolbox_Redo_Roundabout.png|20px]] Redo a roundabout
* [[File:Toolbox_Convert_Roundabout.png|20px]] Convert a roundabout to a standard road
* [[File:Toolbox_Place_In_Roundabout.png|20px]] Draw area place inside of roundabout (to label it)
* [[File:Toolbox_Select_In_Area_Place.png|20px]] Select segments in area place
* [[File:Toolbox_Suppress_Unneeded_Junctions.png|20px]] Suppress unneeded junctions on screen
* [[File:Toolbox_Suppress_Unneeded_Geometry.png|20px]] Suppress unneeded geometry on screen
* [[File:Toolbox_Delete_Expired_Restrictions.png|20px]] Delete expired restrictions (past ending date) on screen
* [[File:Toolbox_AutoFix_Loops.png|20px]] Auto add nodes to fix loops
* [[File:Toolbox_AutoFix_Unconfirmed_Turns.png|20px]] Auto fix unconfirmed turns
* [[File:Toolbox_AutoFix_Toll.png|20px]] Auto remove toll attribute on non freeway/ramp segments
* [[File:Toolbox_AutoFix_RevCon.png|20px]] Auto fix reverse connections, dead-end and unterminated roads
* [[File:Toolbox_AutoFix_UTurns.png|20px]] Auto fix u-turns
====Highlight layers menu====
:* Highlight of level-locked segments
:* Highlight of manual locks (greater, equal, less than automatic lock)
:* Highlight segments with positive or negative elevation
:* Highlight of segments with house numbers
:* Highlight of named streets without any house number
:* Highlight of segments/nodes with time restrictions 
:* Highlight of loops
:* Highlight of roundabouts which may cause issues
:* Highlight unconfirmed turns
:* Highlight of U-Turns
:* Highlight of reverse connections
:* Highlight of Dead-end loops
:* Highlight of soft turns
:* Highlight of simple segments (which have unneeded geometry nodes)
====And more====
:* Popups to help new editors on basic editing
:* Option to hide user greetings on the left sidebar
:* Option to force fullscreen
:* New keyboard shortcuts for Toolbox features
:* Enable shortcuts on numpad
:* Reset elevation to ground
:* Pan the map from screen size
:* Forum Private Message check
:* Layer-less PermaLink creation
:** Hover PL, Press & Release Shift, Press Ctrl + C
===More information===
* English: [http://www.waze.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=819&t=145570&p=1130293 ''Script WME Toolbox'' forum thread]
* Français: [http://www.waze.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=47964 ''Script WME Toolbox'' discussion dans le forum]

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