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Toggelis waze editor full icon.png

The Toggelis Waze Editor is an Android app to edit and install Waze color scheme files visually.

by Toggeli (PM)

Twe screenshot3.png

This app makes it easy to modify or create custom color schemes for your Waze client app, and update the Waze app without the necessity to open or copy schema files.

TWE 1.9.1 for Waze 4

Additional features for this version:

  • Clickable preview map
  • Editable road width
  • Editable border sizes
  • Automatically convert 3.x schemes to 4.x
  • Copy / paste schemes
  • Edit navigation routes (stop routes, shared routes)
  • Manual language choice or system language
  • Import from Gmail attachment
  • Paste skin as URL or text into TWE
  • Compatible Android 4.0.3 - 5.X
  • Incompatible with Android 6.X due to restrictions in Waze
  • Added link to paid (ad-free) version


TWE 1.2.1 for Waze 3


Waze 4 schemes to play with

ADAC Toggelis Day Skin Toggelis Night Skin Electrolytes
Adac.png Td.png Tn.png Electrolytes.png
Greenpeace Minimalism Mochaccino Rosebud
Greenpeace.png Minimalism.png Mochaccino.jpg Rosebud.png
Snowday Tutti Frutti Vitamin C Green Fields
Snowday.png Tuttifrutti.png Vitamin c.png Green fields.png
Schema 50 Neon Glow Automapa Robotka Day
Schema50.png Neonglow.png Automapa.png Robotka day.png
Robotka Night
Robotka night.png

How to install the schemes directly into Waze: With your preferred internet browser on Android, copy the link of the scheme, then use the "paste skin" function in TWE to import it. Wait a second, the skin will appear in TWE and you can modify it or "save to Waze". Done.

Known problems and limitations: Cities (inner and border color) are currently not shown. This is probably a bug or a changed feature in Waze 4. The city label works, however.


If you'd like to contribute to TWE in your language, please edit the following pages without adding or moving lines, simply replace the english text by your translation. PM me if you'd like me to add your language! As soon as a language file is complete I'll integrate and publish the translation.

hebrew, indonesian, italian, japanese, romanian

Done translations:

  • Czech: Vilém Robotka
  • Slovak: Hamilnes
  • Russian: Mihail Serishev
  • Hungarian: Akos Schneemaier

--> Translators can obtain an ad-free version of the app.

Manipulating schemas with TWE for Waze 4

Twe import export.PNG


TWE imports to the last shown map in TWE. Waze 3 schemas are converted to Waze 4 format. An imported file is not automatically saved to Waze.

Several types of imports are possible:
- In an external app, select a schema file and "share with", "send to" or "open with" TWE.
- In an external app, show and select the text of the schema, then "share with" or "send to" TWE.
- In an external app, copy the text of a schema to the clipboard. Then in TWE, use "paste schema".
- Copy the URL (http://... or file://) of an existing schema to the clipboard. In TWE, use "paste skin".


Some export examples : - In TWE, chose "share as > file", then select ES Downloader to save the file locally, or select dropbox / google drive to save the file on the cloud, or select gmail to send it by mail. - In TWE, chose "share as > text", then select your favorite text editor to receive the schema code. - In TWE, chose "copy schema", then paste the text in a text editor.

Tips and tricks

1) You just installed a minor Waze update. All your favorite schemas are gone ... Not really. If you already had TWE installed before the update, open TWE and chose "save to waze" to reactivate the schema in Waze.

2) You imported a schema in TWE but to the wrong map? Chose "save to <right_map>", then select "cancel edit".

3) Partial import: Chose one or some lines from a scheme to just import some map properties, for instance


then "paste skin" in TWE. Only the chosen properties will be changed on the map.

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